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Discover The Smoky Mountain Brewery In Gatlinburg

Smoky Mountain Moonshine is something that a lot of people have seen popping up in their store. That is because the brewery has started to have some of the best moonshine that is legally being made and sold. However, when you are in Gatlinburg you have a chance to explore the beautiful region and experience the unique tasting food that you are going to fall in love with. With that being the case, here is our review of the Smoky Mountain Brewery that is located in Gatlinburg. You need to realize this is the Gatlinburg location as their is several others in the region as well.

Location And Hours Of Smoky Mountain Brewery

The location of the restaurant is at:

1004 Parkway #501

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of the Smoky Mountain Brewery is as follows:

All 7 days of the week the Smoky Mountain Brewery is opened from 11:30 AM until 1 AM.

What Is Our Favorite Meal From The Smoky Mountain Brewery

Now when we are eating here we are going to find that we are going to drift quite a bit towards the appetizer menu because they have a wide selection of appetizers. With that being the case, my kids and husband tend to love starting the meal off with the potato skins. What is really nice is they also have chicken tenders listed on the appetizer menu as well and I can tell you that with my kids they love the fact they are able to get this on their plate and it makes it easier for them to be full after they have been eating or hiking out in the mountains all day long.

With the Smoky Mountain Brewery we like coming here because of the appetizers, but also because we have a larger family and that means the pizza can be shared! So we tend to get a couple of larger pizzas that are offered with one of them being the basic pepperoni and extra cheese that is a stand by. However, we also like getting one of the specialty pizzas as well in the Buffalo Chicken pizza that makes it easier for all of us to have a great meal that is going to fill us up completely.

When it comes to desserts from the Smoky Mountain Brewery you will find you are very limited. The desserts are usually going to only come down to the Key Lime Pie, which is decent, but definitely not a pie that I would eat a lot of time. The other option you have is going to be the cheesecake, which the last time we ate here was good, but when you have such a good pizza if you are like me you do not really want to have a cheesecake.

What We Did Not Like At Smoky Mountain Brewery

The main thing that we did not really care for at the Smoky Mountain Brewery was actually the lack of choices when it comes to desserts. Yes, the food is great, but when you have a big pizza like we have and then the only option is a cheesecake, it really makes you left wanting more. Even a piece of chocolate cake to complete our binge eating of great tasting food would be great.

Our Final Thoughts On Smoky Mountain Brewery

This is a great location that has some solid food. We highly recommend the pizza from here as it is at the top of our chart for great pizzas. However, if you want to have a dessert you may find yourself slightly disappointed unless you like going to a place for cheesecake. Outside of that the drinks are good, the food is great, and the atmosphere is always jamming, which makes this a great location to go and enjoy some great food from.

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