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Discover The Beautiful Sugarland Valley Nature Trail

Sugarlands Mountain TrailWhen you are trying to find the perfect way to get away from the crowds it can be very difficult because they always seem to flock to the popular parts of the park, which you want to visit and in town it is nearly impossible as well. This is when you need to know about some of the different trails that are in the area to help you out in getting away from the different headaches that the crowds can cause in the Gatlinburg area. However, one trail that seems to almost always be overlooked and is not really crowded, but is a beautiful and easy walk is the Sugarland Valley Nature Trail.

Why Choose The Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail?

Well, this is a key question because a lot of people tend to overlook this aspect of the trail and that is the fact the trail is very easy to walk along. Yes, you read that right an easy to walk trail in the Smokies is something of an oddity, but definitely going to be something that you will want to experience. What else is nice is when the trail is properly maintained, think back to the wildfires and still getting cleaned up, the trail is paved and easy for anyone to get around on. Even people in wheelchairs are able to enjoy this trail and they can finally get out into nature and start to see what is going on in the mountains without the fear of having to be getting stuck or having to have a group of people lift the wheelchair out of the mud.

What Are The Main Attractions On The Trail? 

The main attractions on the trail really depends on what you are looking for. The trail has a babbling brook that is alongside of it when you are walking one direction and it is bordered by the road on the other side. However, what else you will notice is the trail also makes it easier for you to have a great time in seeing a couple of old abandoned homesteads. Now the buildings that were present and home to so many people are not standing anymore, but the place does have some great chimneys that were their before the fire, but I am unsure if they are still standing or not as we have not been back on the trail since the fire. It has been reported that some trees are still down from the fire and the benches do need a sprucing up as well since the fire.

During the fall you will love the colors that are present when you are walking along the trail. Since this trail is not that well visited you tend to have the fall colors to yourself and can take them in as well. Throw in the fact that the trail is not that busy again and you have a great chance to see quite a few bears. So you will be able to experience the nature and the natural beauty of the region. In fact a lot of the people who have used this trail have reported they were able to see quite a few bears, but again this was well before the fires.

Why Wouldn’t You Want To Visit? 

Well, the primary reason would be if their is a lot of rainfall you may find the babbling brook has turned into a torrent. So you would want to stay away from the trail if that happens because it could be dangerous with the stream. However, the other reason would be if their is a major windstorm or fire that has went through the area. That is because the crews may have not had a chance to clear up the trail yet, but even then it is usually cleaned up in a timely manner so you do not have to worry about the trail being ruined for a long period of time.

Another reason you would not want to visit is if you are worried about the trail not being a challenge for you or you want to go out with the crowds. That is because this trail is rated easy and meant for disabled people and those in a wheelchair or parents with young kids. These people will love the trail, but if you want more of a challenge then you will notice it is going to be difficult for you to go on the trail and be able to enjoy the trip because it is not crowded nor does it have a lot of difficulty to it.

Our Final Thoughts On Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail

Well, if you are looking for a great trail that is very easy to move on and is not that long then you cannot go wrong with Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail. When you go on this trail you will notice it is paved, easy to walk along and does not have to much of an incline, which makes it easier for trail walkers with bad knees. Overall, this is a great trail that is away from the crowds for the most part and it will make it easier for you to have a great vacation when you want to go out on the trail and bring your little one with you.


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