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Discover The Wild Plum Gatlinburg

In Gatlinburg you know that dining is going to be key, but what you may not realize is Gatlinburg has an Austrian Alps inspired tea room in the town as well. Well, actually the place is not in the town itself as it is located more in the arts and crafts community. Yes, we are shocked about this as well, but the place has been around for 33 years and that is what is even more shocking because it is tucked away and hidden from a lot of the traffic. With that being the case, it is time for you to discover The Wild Plum, which is located in the arts and crafts community of Gatlinburg.

Hours And Location Of The Wild Plum

The location of the Wild Plum as we mentioned is in the arts and crafts community. The address is

555 Buckhorn Road

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Hours of operation for the Wild Plum are as follows:

Tuesday – Saturday 11 AM until 3 PM

Closed on Sunday and Monday.

What We Liked About The Wild Plum In Gatlinburg

What we really liked about the location is the fact that the menu is not really a set menu. It changes and often that is the best part because you get a chance to experience the chefs special each day. This in turn makes it possible for you to have a great meal without even realizing what you are going to be eating. Now the downside is this does not mean that you are going to enjoy the food because you may not get to eat some of the food you would like, but the plus side is everything is fresh and is going to taste great for your meal.

The other aspect that we liked about the Wild Plum is the fact the location is very tranquil and will make you feel more like you are in the European style tea rooms that are by the mountains. So this is something else that we like because we have never been to Europe, but the way this room is set up it gives you that vibe and makes you feel like you were transported to the other part of the globe.

What Did We Not Like About The Wild Plum

The one thing that we did not like about the restaurant is the fact that it is closed on Sunday and Monday. While this may not seem like it is that bad and we do understand that everyone needs to have a day off, we are the type that likes to vary up our eating and once we find a place that we like we go back to it a couple of times. That really limits our chances of eating here, but it does happen. So we only wish they were open on those two days, but we completely understand that staff and owners need a day off.

Our Final Thoughts On The Wild Plum

When you are in Gatlinburg and you want to try a place that is unique, you cannot go wrong with the Wild Plum. The only issue that we have found with the place is the hours of operation do not really line up with our plans. However, if you make time to go here you will not be disappointed as the food is great and the European style atmosphere makes you think you are in Austria, instead of being in the tea room in Gatlinburg.


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