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Discover Big Daddy’s Pizzeria In Gatlinburg

Finding a pizza restaurant in any city is about as easy as walking down the corner in Seattle and finding a coffee shop. However, what really makes you want to go to these restaurants and what makes them stand out from the other restaurants that are in the town? Well, if you are like most of us you turn to Google and search. If you are in Gatlinburg, though, you just have to turn to our site, Travel To Gatlinburg, and it will be easy to find the best place to go because we have reviewed or are in the process of reviewing almost every restaurant in Gatlinburg. Today the restaurant that we are going to talk about is Big Daddy’s Pizzeria, the Gatlinburg location not Pigeon Forge.

Big Daddy’s is part of the family of restaurants that has brought about some of the best quality food in the region that we have ever had. Some of the family that is included is Bennetts Pit Bar-B-Que, Alamo Steakhouse, Mamas Farmhouse, and even Mad Dogs Creamery. So it is easy to see the restaurant family and chain know what to do to make the great dishes that everyone is going to love and that is no different at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria either.

Hours And Address

The address for the restaurant is

714 River Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of operation are going to vary dramatically depending on the season so we would recommend you check out their website here.

What We Liked Off The Menu

The one menu item that we really liked is obviously a pizza. However, it is not the fully loaded pizza that they call the Mamma Mia. No, that pizza is good, but for my kids it has a little to much onion for them and they do not eat it with onion. So as a family we have decided the one item that is awesome off of the menu and good at anytime that you can get your hands on it is the Boo Boo Bomber, which is nothing more than a traditional type of wood fired pepperoni pizza.

With the Boo Boo Bomber, though, you are going to find that each bite you take is going to leave you wanting to get even more of the pizza in your mouth. Not to mention we have a two year old and he absolutely loves pizza so you can imagine his excitement when he gets to sit down to eat a great pizza from a restaurant.

What We Did Not Like

The main problem that we had is trying to decide what to have off of the menu. However, when it comes to food the issue that we have is we are not a big pepper family. I know that they will take items off for you if you ask, but I hate getting known as the custom order person, trust me my local Subway hates me for that one. So we have to admit that while the Big Daddy’s Submarine is a great sandwich the banana peppers are not up our street, which makes it kind of hard for us to fall in love with it like we did the pizza.

Our Final Thoughts On Big Daddy’s Pizzeria Gatlinburg

When you are in any city in America, even a small town you can find a pizza restaurant within a five to fifteen minute drive. However, just how good are those places? Well, in Gatlinburg you have a lot of restaurants to select from and hardly any of them are the same chain locations you see all over the place. Big Daddy’s Pizzeria is easily a kid friendly place to go to with the arcade, but throw in the great food and you have a winner in our book. This is a location that you will want to hit up time and time again, and maybe even two or three times if you have kids while you are vacationing in Gatlinburg.

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