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Discover No Way Jose’s Cantinas In Gatlinburg

Trying to find the best Mexican restaurant in Gatlinburg can be a lot easier than what you think. However, you should realize that is because the selection of Mexican cuisine in Gatlinburg is limited, which is a good thing for you because No Way Jose’s is a great restaurant that you are sure to enjoy. After all the searching, we have found out all the information you would want to know about No Way Jose’s and have even put down our top food choice, the hours, what we did not really care for, and even the location.

What I found interesting while doing my research on No Way Jose’s is the fact they are a sister restaurant to a couple of the other top quality locations in Gatlinburg. This history alone and connection to the other restaurants that we enjoy in Gatlinburg definitely makes it easier for us to trust the fact that the food is going to be top notch. You may recognize the other restaurants as Blaine’s Grill & Bar along with Crockett’s Breakfast Camp are the sister restaurants and both of those are some of the highest rated in Gatlinburg, so it is easy to see it is a great meal for here as well.

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Is The Food Authentic Mexican?

This is a good question because you will find some many Mexican restaurants that claim to be serving authentic food only to see it as a trumped up version of the fast food places. However, at this location it has some of the most authentic food and in most of the locations, they have 3, they have been rated as the most authentic Mexican restaurant around. So it is easy to see this food is definitely authentic and great tasting.

Are Any Specialized Menus Available?

The best part is the restaurant does take into account the dietary restrictions of some people. They have a gluten free menu available, which will make it easier for you to get the food that you want to have and enjoy, even if your dietary needs restrict you from being able to eat out at a lot of the restaurants.

What We Loved About Now Way Jose’s

With this restaurant the main dish that we really like is one they have named The Outrageous. This is a dish that you will want to eat when you are hungry. However, it is going to fill you up quite a bit and this will make it easier for you to leave the location not hungry. The Outrageous is a dish that has the standard side of refried beans and Mexican rice, but it goes a step further with the main dish. The main dish is a chimichanga that is the large flour tortilla, but it comes with the shredded beef and chicken, seasoned ground beef inside of the dish. Throw in how this is cooked and you will not be disappointed in the dish that you are ordering.

What We Did Not Really Care About

Actually it is more of a matter of preference for us, but the thing that we do not really care about is the desert menu is what we see at every Mexican restaurant. I would think, my personal opinion, that being in a tourist type of area they would have taken into account these deserts are what you normally find at other Mexican restaurants and made something unique. Now this is based off of the menu that I seen and it can change, but right now what I seen is the same that I have options for at my local Mexican restaurant.

Location And Hours

The location is at the following street address:

555 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Sunday – Thursday 11 AM until 9 PM

Friday and Saturday 11 AM until 10 PM

Who Would Like Eating Here Most

The main people who will enjoy eating here are those who really enjoy the Mexican food as it is going to be authentic tasting food that you want to have. However, if you want an affordable meal then this is also the place for you to go to as well. So you will enjoy this location because you can have a great time eating and know that unless you order a ton of appetizers you are going to get out for a reasonable price, even if you bring your entire family here.

Who Might Not Like The Restaurant

Not enjoying the Mexican cuisine is one reason why you would not want to eat here. At the same time, though, you may find that if you want to get some of the drinks from the restaurant that you may see them as pricey. With that in mind you should think about this to avoid spending a fortune for the drinks that you could end up getting at the restaurant.

Our Final Verdict

This is a place that we have on our stops of places to eat at when you travel to Gatlinburg. You may have never thought about this before, but when you know the places to stop at it makes your trip a lot easier. Now I would not recommend this on the first night of your trip because you want to settle into town and see the sites first. The place is easily a great second or third night in Gatlinburg restaurant and is a place that you definitely need to try to stop in and eat at.

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