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Discover A Gem Blaines Bar And Grill In Gatlinburg

Blaine’s is a restaurant in the downtown region of Gatlinburg. However, if you have been searching Gatlinburg for a long period of time it is going to difficult to narrow down the choice of restaurant you should go to to eat. Since that is the case, we have decided to review Blaine’s Bar and Grill in Gatlinburg, which is in the downtown region of Gatlinburg.

Blaines is actually on the spot where the fire in July of 1992, when a horrible fire burned down an entire city block. The original place was called Rebel Corner. The owner of the block’s son, decided that he was going to build a restaurant on the location. He originally built a restaurant that was called Ronnie Milsap’s Keyboard Cafe, but in 1998 when the popularity of country music started to fade he renamed the restaurant and Blaine’s was born and has continued to be a favorite ever since.

Location And Hours Of Blaine’s Bar And Grill In Gatlinburg

The location of Blaine’s is at

812 Parkway #105, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of the location is listed as follows:

Friday and Saturday 11 AM – 9 PM

Sunday- Thursday 11 AM – 10 PM

What Is Our Favorite Menu Dish At Blaine’s 

The one menu item that we really love at Blaine’s is actually on the hamburger side of the menu. That burger is the Black Bear Burger. When we eat this burger we know we are going to get a great meal. This meal is one that is complete and going to give you a great tasting food. I know that I always enjoy sitting down and eating this burger each time that I am in Gatlinburg. I do end up getting bacon added onto the burger for the extra cost, but it is not as much as what you would expect. Something else that we enjoy is the great fries Blaine’s has as an option for a the burgers.

What We Did Not Like At Blaine’s 

A dish that we do not like a lot at Blaine’s is the Shrimp Alfredo. When we tried this meal, which our daughter loves, we did not really care for it. That is mainly because we are not really a fan of shrimp that much. However, if we were a fan of shrimp we are sure this would be a great dish, because the pasta was cooked to perfection and this really helped us get the great tasting meal that we wanted to have.

Our Final Thoughts On Blaine’s Bar & Grill In Gatlinburg

Trying to find a restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg is difficult to do. However, if you know about Blaine’s Bar & Grill this is going to make it easier for you to know where you should be eating some good classic food. Overall, Blaine’s is one of the best places that we have eaten at in Gatlinburg and is simply put a restaurant that we are going to love eating at. Throw in the fact it is in the middle of Gatlinburg and close to Space Needle and you easily have a location that is going to really draw in the crowds.

Make sure you check out our future post on the renamed and rebranded Blaine’s as Smith and Son Corner Kitchen!


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