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value of electric wheelchair in Gatlinburg


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Value Of An Electric Wheelchair In Gatlinburg

value of electric wheelchair in GatlinburgWalking is one of those things that you have to do when you are in Gatlinburg. However, sometimes walking is a challenge if you have a physical handicap. Thankfully you can find a solution with an electronic wheelchair. Yes, the wheelchairs are a great item to have and you can bring your own or rent one, which you can find where in our article covering wheelchair rentals in Gatlinburg as a great resource on where to rent wheelchairs from. Now, some people, though, are really starting to ask what is the value of an electric wheelchair in Gatlinburg when you could easily use a push wheelchair or other walking aids.

Power For The Mountains

Okay, I do have to admit that the lure of a regular wheelchair is definitely one that is tempting. I mean really the wheelchairs that are pushed are cheaper, easier to move, but also tend to be ones that you can pack into the car and take into different parts with you. At the same time, though, if you are going up the mountains to your hotel, then you quickly find out it is very difficult the self-powered wheelchairs are. Well, that problem is actually very easy to solve by using the powered wheelchairs.

The powered wheelchairs, as long as you do not overwork the batteries and have them go dead on you in the middle of your trip through town can get you back to the hotel.  What else is great about the powered wheelchairs is the fact you can have these climb up the hills at what is often considered a moderate pace. I can tell you that one day when I was in Gatlinburg I did see an electric chair just motoring right on up the hills and passing people, with some of the weary footed tourist walking back up slowly.

Easy To Work In The Crowds

Crowds We all know Gatlinburg can get crowded and when it does it makes walking hard to do. However, quite often people do respect the disabled or those using a powered chair to get around town. This makes it a little bit easier for you or whoever is using the powered chair to get around town. What else is great about Gatlinburg is the fact that most of the town has sidewalks that make it easier for you to work your way around town and not have to be concerned about the powered chair getting stuck.

Some Stores Are Easy To Get Into

Gatlinburg Stores In The vilOkay, I know some of the stores still have steps to get into because of the height of the door. However, other stores are very easy for you to get into and enjoy. Now, what is great the stores that do allow for wheelchair access and are easy to get into tend to have plenty of items for you to buy and bring home a gift or two.  At the same time, though, you may notice that the stores that are harder to get into, generally have a smaller space and if you are able to walk around can easily be moved through by walking.

Some Trails In The Parks Are Handicap Friendly

Well, I have to say that one of the main reasons people travel to Gatlinburg is not for the town, but instead, for the peace and serenity, the mountains tend to offer. While I can only imagine being confined to a wheelchair is limiting in this ability to a point, it does not mean that you cannot go on the trails altogether. Instead, it means you have to do a little bit of work to find some of the trails that are officially handicap friendly and allow you to take your wheelchair onto them.

The downside is most of these trails are not in the middle of the mountains or park like you may want to have.  For example, some of the quiet pull-offs are not really meant for wheelchairs. Granted, you could attempt to use them, but chances are good you would get stuck on the trails. However, as you get closer to Gatlinburg it is very easy to find trails that not only provide you with the chance to get out in nature but are paved as well and that definitely makes it easier for you to get around on the trail and still enjoy the mountains.

Makes The Vacation Enjoyable

Now, I know that any vacation chance is enjoyable. However, if you are stuck in your hotel room because your back or legs hurt too bad. That is where you can find the real value of the powered chairs. The chairs make it easier for you to move around, which means you have a little bit less in the way of pain in your back and legs. This allows you to get a full nights rest and live life a little bit more pain-free than what you would have done if you had to walk around the town and it all comes from the electric wheelchair.

Gatlinburg is a beautiful town and it is definitely a town that is very welcoming to tourists. However, if you are disabled or need a wheelchair you may notice it is very difficult to get around town. To avoid this issue and still have a great vacation it is important for you to know the value of renting or bringing an electric wheelchair in Gatlinburg and have a better time enjoying the city and in some aspects the Great Smoky Mountains.


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