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Gatlinburg Dangers


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Gatlinburg Dangers And Hazards

Gatlinburg DangersGatlinburg is a very beautiful town, but it is also a town that has some hidden dangers that we all tend to overlook because they are common hazards. The sad part is for most of us we are on vacation in Gatlinburg and that often is the one time that we tend to let our guard down some or not pay as much attention as what we should be doing. By not paying as much attention as we usually would, it tends to make it easier for the dangers to become more present and definitely increases the chances of a potential accident, which is why I decided it was time to put down some of the dangers that we know about in Gatlinburg that we all tend to overlook.

The Roadways

Sadly this is one thing that we have recently seen an upturn in and that is the fact that the roads are a danger. Yes, the danger is one we deal with each day, but for some reason when on vacation we often overlook this danger that we pay attention to when driving to work. The other issue that a lot of people have to contend with is the traffic that is found in Gatlinburg. Granted, when we first started going to Gatlinburg it would take a little bit to reach town, but now the time that it takes to get to town and deal with the traffic reminds some people of driving in the major cities, but with smaller roadways and beautifully distracting scenery.

Okay, while the traffic in the towns and even the roadways getting into town can be a nightmare at times, that is a minor problem. The major problem comes from the people driving in the mountain and distracted by the scenery they see going up and down the mountains. Yes, the scenery is very distracting, but it is key to remember to keep an eye on what is going on around you and the other vehicles, but most importantly the curves.

The curves you may be asking? Why would I need to pay attention to these curves? Well, think about it like this when you look out over the mountains and the scenery what are you looking down at quite often? The treetops would be the best answer for that question as to what you are looking down at. Looking down at those should make you think about how tall the trees are, most are at a minimum of thirty feet and most of them tower well over that height. So you can imagine if you are looking at the tops of the trees just how far of a fall it would be if you were to have an accident.

Something else to remember about driving and the roads is the mountains to make it possible for you to overheat your brakes. When your brakes start to overheat it is nearly impossible to stop and this often means you have to concentrate or use your transmission to brake down the motor to the point that you can control the vehicle around the corners until the brakes cool off. So it is important to use caution to get down the mountains, but at the same time not to ride your brakes or you could have the issue of them not working.

Walking On The Sidewalks

Walking may seem very simple and in most cases it is. However, a danger that we tend to overlook while walking in the crowds of Gatlinburg is the fact that the crowds may conceal some unlevel parts of the sidewalk which you can trip over. Granted, this is not often going to be the case, but it is an issue that can come up over the years as the sidewalks do get older. What else the crowds can lead to and is a common issue in the European travel markets is the throngs can conceal pickpockets. So make sure you are careful about where you have your belongings and valuables while you are walking in the crowds.

As a safety measure you can use the fanny packs, which are older in fashion and look. However, something else to use for the prevention would be money clip with the money stored somewhere outside of the wallet along with your credit cards. If you do insist on carrying a wallet, like my husband, then move it to a deep front pocket or a zippered pocket in your pants. This way if someone does try to pick your pocket it would be easy to feel and they would just find an empty pocket in most cases. Thankfully, though, the Gatlinburg police are on guard and tend to keep the threat from pickpockets lower, but in any tourist type area where crowds gather it can become an issue.


Deer Danger in GatlinburgWhile the wildlife is beautiful and amazing to see, it can be dangerous at the same time. Since this is the case, you need to make sure you use caution around the wildlife. I remember one day I was driving around Cades Cove when a deer jumped off of the hills above me and landed roughly 3 feet from my hood. Yes, that was a scary moment, but it is definitely not a problem as deer can be deadly if hit at high speeds, but usually are not that much of a problem

No, nature and animals we are talking about having a potential danger in Gatlinburg and the mountains are the bears. I recently saw a news story of a tourist who was taunting a bear who was charged by the bear. Yes, the bear was protecting her cubs, but still the tourist was the one who was taunting her and getting too close. Remember, we are in a park and are in the bears natural habitat and they are the top not us. So please use caution when around any of the animals you may encounter.

Medical Emergencies

The idea of a medical emergency being a problem never really occurred to me until I started reading in a Facebook group I debate about hotels or cabins for the lodging. Well, then one lady mentioned her husband had a heart attack and they were unfamiliar with the area and had to wait on getting the help they needed. After reading the post it made me think even more about the fact that a medical emergency is a danger that can happen and if you are not familiar with the area, it could become a major problem as most people use their cell phones to call 911 anymore.

Well, the cell phones can provide a general idea for the location, but it does not let you know exactly where you are located. Since this is the case, it is very important for you to have the address of the cabin or your hotel name within easy reach. If you do not have this close by then an unplanned medical emergency could easily turn into a major problem. What else is helpful is to take note of any location of emergency service buildings from the firehouse, police station, and even the hospitals.

While this is just a few of the major dangers that you can encounter and easily overlook with your trip to Gatlinburg, it is important to know about the dangers. Some of these dangers are ones that you would automatically think about while you are at home, but the other dangers are more along the lines of those that you would never think about before or overlook. Since that is the case knowing some information about these dangers can make a difference between having a great vacation or having one that is disappointing or potentially harmful. No matter what, type of dangers are in Gatlinburg, if you take your time and be careful then anytime you travel to Gatlinburg it is an amazing trip.


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