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The Local Attraction Gastropub


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The Local Attraction Gastropub – A Great Gatlinburg Restaurant

The Local Attraction GastropubThe Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts community is a lovely area and one that I highly recommend checking out if you want to get away from all the stresses of the main street. However, one problem that I have found and a lot of people have noted before is the food selection is somewhat limited. Well, on April 13th the food choices changed dramatically as a new restaurant opened up in the region and that is The Local Attraction Gastropub, which is one of the newest Gatlinburg restaurants to provide you a great food option.

Where Can I Find The Local Attraction Gastropub?

Well, I mentioned the gastropub is located in the arts and crafts community, but where at? Yes, I know it is not that large of a community and it is a lovely place to drive through. However, I also know what it is like to be starving and trying to find the restaurant you are looking for only to find out that you have driven past the same location five times. My way of thinking about this goes back to Chevy Chase in National Lampoons European Vacation when he is caught in the roundabout and keeps pointing out Big Ben.

To avoid that I will give you the address of the location, which is 170 Glades Road.  As you can tell Glades Road by all the other information we have provided for the Arts & Crafts community Glades Road is like Main Street. So the map below will definitely help out in guiding you to the location.

Why Stop At The Restaurant?

Well, outside of the obvious that the place is in the Arts & Crafts community which makes it easier for you to enjoy food and avoid the main street crowds, you need to consider the food you can get. The location has some top quality food and definitely is able to provide you with a full menu for lunch and dinner alike. Not to mention, the staff is very friendly and attentive to what your needs are as a patron and this makes it quite a bit easier to enjoy your stop.

Now, something that you may not read in other places is the full menu is great, but it is limited in the selection to a point. However,  I love the limited menu because it means that when you buy the food from here it is going to be done right. Think about some of the restaurants that specialize in your area, they tend to be well known for having the best of the food style in the area. This makes it easier for you to get food and know it is the best in town.

Does The Gastropub Have Beer?

Yes, that is a great question and it is definitely going to help out quite a bit in enjoying a nice burger. That is the fact the location has 16 draft beers. Some of these beers are local, which allows you to get a taste of the mountains in the beer. At the same time, though, the location does serve some of the popular beers you may be used to at home.

What else is nice is the location does have some mixed drinks as well. Now, these are not the drinks you could find in a full bar, but instead, are some of the smaller mixed drinks that are just like the food specialty drinks. These drinks tend to have a perfect balance and have a very smooth taste to them that definitely makes it easier to enjoy the drink.

If you want a real treat, I would recommend hitting up one of the mixed drinks if you are of legal age and not driving. The one that I recommend out of the mixed drinks is the Mason Dixon and not because of the great taste of the drink, but also from the generosity of the owners donating a portion of this drinks sale to Shriners Hospital for Children and the Cerebral Palsy Center.

The Local Attraction Gastropub Menu

The Local Attraction Gastropub BurgerFrom what we have seen in the menu selection tends to be more of the American pub style foods. However, a lot of the foods have a Southern twist to them and that definitely makes the food great and unique. Now, what I really like is they have some great shrimp options that make it quite a bit easier for me to find a great meal for my daughter but also have reasonable pricing on the menu for the shrimp compared to a lot of places I have purchased shrimp from before.

As for myself, I have to admit I love the loaded chorizo fries. These fries have a great balance of flavor and taste. What is really impressive is I was able to get my husband to try the fries as they do have some avocado on the fries and he is not a fan of avocado. However, he was impressed at the blend of the spices and seasoning on the fries.

As for my main dish for the meal The Local is definitely among the best, but it is a plate that you would have to get an acquired taste for as it is more along the lines of a bologna sandwich, but think more along the lines of elegance for the sandwich and you have the proper meal. Now, if you are looking for a dish that is more along with the standard that you could be used to seeing I would recommend the Clucker, which is a chicken sandwich or the classic burger.

Seafood lovers can definitely enjoy the fish and chips. This dish is really nice and definitely provides you with a unique experience that you are sure to enjoy. What else is nice is the shrimp basket has eight large shrimp that are battered. These are a great meal and anything that a fish or shrimp lover would really like to have on their plate.

Does The Location Offer Anything Extra?

Yes, the local attraction definitely has something that you cannot find in all the restaurants in Gatlinburg. You can find it in some, but not all and that is live music on Friday and Saturday night. The artists vary, but usually are local to the region or within a decent distance to make it to the location. This means you can finally find a location that has live music and know it is an artist who may just be up and coming in the music scene and you could be one of the first to get to see them entertain.

My Final Thoughts On The Local Attraction Gastropub – Gatlinburg Restaurant

A restaurant in the Arts & Crafts community is not unheard of, but it is rare to find a pub type of location in the community. However, that is what you get with the location here as it is a gastropub that definitely has some great food and amazing potential. Overall, I have to say if you are looking for a place to eat in the Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts community make sure you check out The Local Attraction Gastropub and enjoy some great food outside of the main strip.


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