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Novus Candela


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Novus Candela Bath & Crafts – Glades Arts & Crafts Community

Novus Candela

Gatlinburg is a beautiful vacation town, but for a lot of people the area has become built up and expensive. Thankfully, you can find a great alternative to the large chain stores and retail shops with bulk ordered products by checking out the Glades Arts & Crafts Community. So what really sets this beautiful area off from the other locations? Well, for one it is the people because a lot of the stores you can visit are going to have the owners running the shops and taking pride in the products they produce. Something else is the fact that the Glades Arts & Crafts Community has smaller shops that have a variety of items and in this article, we are going to cover Novus Candela Bath & Crafts.

What Does The Community Offer?

Well, in addition to getting some beautiful craft items in a smaller location from the owners of the shops and not a larger corporation, you get a chance to enjoy an area that seems to live in the period that a lot of people remember from Gatlinburg trips in the past. What else you can find is unlike the shopping on the strip where you have to park in a large parking lot and pay for the parking space, you get free parking! This makes it rather easy for you to take a trip out to the arts and crafts community and not be concerned about having to come up with the money to pay for parking, which if you have stopped at the parking lots in Gatlinburg seems to always go up and never comes down in price.

What Does Novus Candela Have To Offer?

A great feature of Novus is the very friendly owner, Michele. She has produced the majority of the products you find in the shop and what is not from her own hands she tends to buy from local craftspeople who do not have their own shop. What else is great is she is willing to work with you on questions you may have or even specific requirements you have about the products. I know, meeting the owner of a business is not something you commonly get to do, try going to Walmart to meet with one of the owners and see what happens.

Sample Tarts from Novus Candela Arts & CraftsThe items that are made by Michele are top quality and are items you use on a regular basis. The good news is if you live out of town you can order from her Etsy shop here. Now, the items you use on a regular basis will include the goat’s milk soaps and lotions. These are definitely something that is nice to use and going to provide you with the comfort of using a natural item that is not full of chemicals. Not to mention, I have to say from my own use of goat milk soap in the past, not from Novus, but in general, if you buy from smaller local vendors the soap leaves my skin feeling amazing and even with my sensitive skin it does not break out or have any issues.

Novus Candela Bath & Crafts lotionsSugar scrubs and bath salts may not be something else to enjoy in getting cleaned up. Now, I have to say these did not make the list of items everyone would use because not everyone is going to be getting cleaned up in a bath all the time or use these items. At the same time, though, if you use these items then you are going to really enjoy them. What else is nice is the essential oils available in the store. These oils are made by the owner and are almost pure oils, which provides the optimal balance of oils that are not overpowering and have the great quality you would come to expect.

Another item that is great, but not something you use every day is the candles and the wax tart clamshells. These items are not commonly used daily or for long periods of time, but at the same time when they have used the smells are subtle, but very nice to smell. Not to mention the tarts are longer lasting and tend to be used in almost all of the tart burners you would expect to see.

Gatlinburg artwork available at Novus CandelaThose items listed above are the ones provided by the store owner herself. However, I did mention that Novus does have several different items from other local craftspeople as well. These are also amazing and I have to say well worth the cost as they are generally handmade as well. The main difference is these are not made directly by the owner, but instead, are brought in from other craftspeople to sell at the shop, but that does not impact the quality as the shop is selective on what they provide for sale.

The items from the other craftspeople that are available in the store include handmade quilts, jewelry, paintings, and even scenic pictures. I have to admit, I have seen some of these items online and I am shocked at the quality that is present and just like so many of the other arts and crafts locations you can visit I recommend buying right away and not waiting. Even for the items that are made by the shop owner as they tend to not be present the next day you go back to pick them up.

My Final Thoughts On Novus Candela Baths & Crafts

The arts and crafts community definitely holds a special place in my heart. It is the location that has the smaller shops, which I have a smaller business as well, but also the place is more laid back. The crowds are not as big and the people tend to be quite a bit nicer. Then the big plus is the pride the owners take in the products they are providing for the customers and Novus Candela Bath & Crafts is no different as the shop is one of the best ones that you can visit, but also has a ton of unique items to check out. Overall, the only thing that I imagine you would have trouble with is trying to avoid spending too much money on the different items you can buy because you are going to want to get everything in the shop.

Additional Pictures From Owner

Local Barn Painting Near Gatlinburg Local woodwork in Gatlinburg Display Case In Novus Candela Shop Overiew Glass Oil Burners Available At Novus Candela Bath & Crafts The Goats Milk Soap Display Case A beautiful Saying Plaque in Gatlinburg arts and crafts community The Display Case for the tarts.


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