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Anakeesta Improvements


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Anakeesta Improvements

Anakeesta ImprovementsAnakeesta is a newer theme park location in Gatlinburg that opened roughly a year and a half ago. However, the location is one of the more popular places because it is new and new items always attract attention. Well, we recently found out by reading online that Anakeesta is already doing some update and adding in quite a few new features. So what are these new features being added into Anakeesta and will this make the crowds that have been mentioned quite a bit before about Anakeesta worth the wait? Well, now you need to know about some of the Anakeesta improvements and that will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great vacation and know when the improvements are done or being started even.

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When Do The Anakeesta Updates Start

Anakeesta - Makes Some Great ImprovementsIf you have been to Anakeesta recently you may notice some of the updates are already well underway and some of them are actually already opening up. One of them actually will open on Memorial Day weekend of 2019, which according to the writing that I am doing now is this weekend. Now, the updates are going all the way through 2020, which could make the area a little crowded compared to what you may be used to. However, what you need to realize is these crowds and the final appearance are going to be well worth the wait that you may encounter during your trip.

Current Attractions At Anakeesta

To fully understand the improvements, it is important to know some of the current attractions. These attractions make it easier for you to access the Gatlinburg attraction, but at the same time, it does make it quite a bit easier to understand how the attractions are improving.

Currently, you have a couple of options to get to Anakeesta and enjoy the mountain top park. The one ride is more protected in the gondolas that give you a ride to the top. The other option available is the chair lifts to get to the top.

The treetop canopy walk is a great attraction and one that is very enjoyable. This allows you to walk among the top of the trees and enjoy seeing the view from a completely different perspective. The downside is the canopy walk may not be meant for everyone and this is very true if you are scared of heights.

At an extra cost Anakeesta does have a mountain coaster to enjoy and it has a zip lining course as well. Both of these attractions are usually well worth the added expense if you enjoy either type of these adventures. However, just like everything make sure you factor this into your budget and help guarantee you do not spend too much money for the adventure you can have at Anakeesta and avoid some of the other amazing adventures Gatlinburg has to offer.

Just like walking along the strip with a wide selection of restaurants and shopping Anakeesta does not disappoint in this regard. You can find quite a big selection of restaurants and shops. All of these offer their own unique area and trend for you to enjoy. It is important to realize that one of these is a bar and it is a nice location, but may not be the location you would want to take your kids to.

Anakeesta opened not long after the wildfires that struck Gatlinburg. Since it was opening later on around the same time period, it actually helped to inspire another path that people enjoy in the location and that is the memorial walk. This walk is meant so people, visitors, and locals alike, do not forget the wildfires that really changed the way the town and mountains are viewed.

Black Bear Hideaway Cabin - Two Bedroom Holiday Home

Black Bear Hideaway Cabin – Two Bedroom Holiday Home


Anakeesta - Makes Some Great Improvements

New Attractions Coming To Anakeesta

Anakeesta - Makes Some Great ImprovementsAnakeesta is adding on new attractions throughout 2019 and should be wrapping up around Memorial Day of 2020 and some of the attractions are definitely stunning and will greatly improve the attraction. So what are these newer attractions that are coming to Anakeesta for you to enjoy.

The garden walk, that a lot of people have taken is expanding. While the walk is not only expanding and featuring more plants for people to enjoy, it is introducing a lot more interaction as well. With both of these coupled together it definitely improves the enjoyment you have at Anakeesta.

The garden walk is also getting more trails, seating, and shaded areas. This allows people to rest and enjoy the location more. The interaction comes from the recycled exotic wood sculptures called the Twigloos. These are actually going to remind you quite a bit of the Willow Man type of features you can see in different areas and a quick search online will provide you with more pictures with details that you can enjoy.

Sidney James Mountain Lodge

Sidney James Mountain Lodge

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Anakeesta - Makes Some Great Improvements

Normally, you may not think about the kids needing a play area in Gatlinburg. However, kids want to be entertained as well and one of the best ways to do that is having a kids play area that is safe for them to go to. This allows the kids to have some fun and a great time, but also makes it easier for the parents to know the kids have a place that is safe as well.

An addition that is going to take a while to complete is the observation tower. While the tower will not rival Clingmans Dome in height, it is a tower that can give you commanding views over Gatlinburg if it comes through as projected. One aspect the observation tower has that you do not find in Clingmans Dome is the slide to get to the bottom if you are looking to get back down quickly or want to have a faster adventure.

The food and drink options along with shopping are expanding as well. However, these options are not going to happen all at once as some of the area that is expanding for the restaurants and retail shops is currently being used as the outdoor music area is what it is being reported as.

Finally, another aspect of the expansion people are going to enjoy, especially those that never went to Anakeesta because of the height aspect of the gondola or chair lift are going to enjoy is the fact that the location realized this issue and is correcting it with vans. The large passenger vans are going to go up to the top on a private road that is built on the property, which means no traffic, but makes it easier for you to enjoy the location and not have to let your fear of heights keep you from enjoying the place.

How Much Does Anakeesta Cost

The cost of the location can be a deciding factor and we did quite a bit of research and found the cost depends on the age, which is a nice thing, but it is still somewhat pricey for some people. Here is what we found for the price currently, but it is always best to check the Anakeesta website for the latest prices by clicking here.

Ages 12-59 cost is $21.99

Ages 60 and over the cost is $19.99

Ages 4-11 the cost is $17.99

As you can tell the cost varies depending on your age, but it is possible to find great deals for Anakeesta and at times you can use some of the advice we provided in our article on how to land discount tickets for Gatlinburg attractions and see if any of these help out in reducing the cost. I know for my family alone the cost would be over a hundred dollars just for the general admission ticket.


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