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Smoky Mountain Spinnery


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Smoky Mountain Spinnery 

Smoky Mountain SpinneryNow, I have to say finding a yarn shop in Gatlinburg may not be something you expected to see, but that is exactly what you are going to find at Smoky Mountain Spinnery. This is one attraction that I really do enjoy, but I like to crochet quite a bit and this makes it easier for me to see this shop is one that is very nice to look at and enjoy. However, what is going to make this one of those places that can really go to and enjoy is if you know more about the location and view it more than just another yarn shop or a hobby shop that only people who crochet would want to go to. Since this is the case and since this place is in Gatlinburg it has definitely made our list here of places to explore and show off to make sure you find the best places to go and plan on checking out when you are on your vacation in Gatlinburg.

Location Of Smoky Mountain Spinnery

Okay, well I guess the most important thing outside of knowing about the place is knowing where it is located. That is why I am going to provide the address and map like I usually do. The address of Smoky Mountain Spinnery is listed here:

466 Brookside Village Way

Suite 8

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

What Does Smoky Mountain Spinnery Offer

Well, the name kind of gives it away on what this location is going to offer you. This is a location that has plenty of attractions in the way of yarn and fiber arts. Some of the items that are included here will be listed here.

  • Yarns of all types, colors and sizes. Not to mention some of the yarns are made from exotic animals you would never think of getting yarn from, like an opossum.
  • Felting materials and supplies is another great option you will find here. This makes it easier for you to find the supplies you need for a kids project or your own, but also helps you in getting the information you need on how to use the felt as well because the staff is very helpful.
  • Knitting, crocheting, and other supplies you would need is something else you are going to get from here and this makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the supplies you need if you forgot yours at the house.

Will Kids Enjoy The Location

I have to say this is one location that I think kids would find boring. I know some kids are into crocheting and the fiber arts, but if I took a room of a hundred kids I would find maybe 1 or 2 that would be into fiber works. So in all honesty, while I think it would be interesting for the kids to see the different types of yarn and what they are made from. However, if you are asking if the kids will have fun, my answer would be it really depends on the kids, but the average kid would most likely be trying to get out quickly because the fiber arts are not really that entertaining for kids.

Can You Buy Anything From Here

Just like any of the shops in Gatlinburg this is one that you can easily buy things from. So I have to say this is going to be a place that you will like because you can buy some things here. This makes it easier for you to bring home something that is nice and unique to the shop. What else you will find is the place does have some great yarns that are going to be specific to the area and this makes it easier for you to find out more about these yarns and know they are unique to the location you are getting them from, Gatlinburg.

How Long Should I Spend Here

This is a place that you can spend all day in if you are a yarn lover, but for most people I would suggest setting aside about a half hour to an hour. Granted, if you see something you like or would want to get you will spend longer, but for most people they can walk through the store fairly quickly and this may take a little bit less time than what you were expecting. So I say set aside an hour on the long side if you are shopping here, maybe a little bit longer.

What I Like About The Location

I love the fact this is a yarn shop in Gatlinbug! Yes, I said it and I have to say I really love this fact that this is a great place that has plenty of yarn to choose from. What else is great about the location is the wide selection of yarn you can pick from. I never even knew about some of this yarn before and I really do like the yarns and have used even dog hair that someone had spun and made a custom order. However, i found this place has a wide variety of yarn to pick from and it definitely will make it easier for you to have a great time because you can find a yarn type and style that you may have never heard about before.

What else I really enjoy about the location is the fact that it does have more than just yarn. It handles almost all types of fiber that you can find and this will make it easier for you to have a great time because you can easily find almost anything that you would want to find. You can even find some of the felting pieces you may need to complete a project or you could find some of the hard to locate rug yarn. So no matter what you will find something that will surprise you around each corner.

What I Dislike About The Place

Okay, I have to say I did not really dislike anything about the place, but I am someone who loves yarn and fabric. Heck, I even have my own alpaca farm! However, in all fairness I could see that someone who is not really into the fabric arts as much as I am or some of the other people who are shopping here are can easily have a horrible time. So for me personally, I love the place, but for people who do not like yarn or fiber it could be easy for them to dislike the place.

My Final Thoughts On Smoky Mountain Spinnery

If you are a crocheter this is a place that you are going to fall in love with. I know that I do crochet and I love this place, but you will also find evn if you are looking for a unique gift they tend to have quite a bit of those as well. The Smoky Mountain Spinnery is a unique gift shop that has plenty for you to see and as they even say they are more than just a yarn shop. I found this holds very true as this is a place that is simply amazing and definitely one place that you will want to try to make it to if you have time when you travel to Gatlinburg.

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