5 Best Breakfast Restaurants In Gatlinburg





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5 Best Breakfast Restaurants In Gatlinburg

Finding breakfast in Gatlinburg is one of the key ways to start off your day. However, what you will find is the restaurants in town are simply amazing at what they do and this makes it nearly impossible for you to figure out which one of the restaurants you should be going to for breakfast. Since this is the case, we decided it was time for us to go out and find the 5 best breakfast restaurants in Gatlinburg. I know that each list is going to be different than you see, but typically all five of these restaurants we are talking about here is going to be on the list and I hope I have included enough information for you to understand why they have made my list of the places that you need to check out if you want to have breakfast.


5. Log Cabin Pancake House

The rustic type of location you have at the Log Cabin Pancake House is just the start of your day. The location is definitely one that is not going to disappoint you, but it will also have some great food to go along with the location. The breakfast restaurant as you can tell specializes in pancakes which is definitely something that you are going to really like. At the same time, though, you will notice the place is going to have some great food for you to enjoy and the pancakes are out of this world good.

Now, if you have been coming to Gatlinburg for a while then you know the service here is second to none. The location has been around for some time and often you will notice the food quality has not changed at all and is just as good as what it was when you were growing up, which makes it easier for you to get the memories of your childhood restaurant flooding back.

4. Donut Friar 

I have to admit, I was not sure if I should include this place in my list or not, but then I realized this is the go-to place I have in mind if I want to grab a bite to eat real quick before going into the mountains each morning. So I have to include this place because the donuts are amazing and if you arrive early enough in the morning you do not have a long wait at all. I remember I went down one day at about 7:30 in the morning and did not have a wait, but I looked at some of the pancake restaurants and the line was out the door already! I could not believe that they were so busy and here is what I consider one of the best donut shops in the world ready to serve me as soon as I got in the door.

What I really love about the Donut Friar is not so much the fact that I am able to get in and out really quickly. It is more the fact that I can get a dozen donuts and bring some back to the hotel room to enjoy that morning, but still, have some left over for the next morning as well. Then I am able to avoid the large crowds waiting for breakfast for 2 of the days that I am going to go out and eat breakfast.

3. Trish’s Mountain Diner

This is a location that is more along the Cobbly Nob area and this is going to be something that you need to think about because the place is one that has some great food and definitely will make it easier for you to have some enjoyable eats. A great thing about this place is you do get quite a bit of food for a reasonable price. Not to mention the wait staff is very attentive to your needs and often will be able to help you with your problems before you even know that something is going to need to be refilled, replaced, or even changed out.

A drawback with this location is the fact that you will most likely have to drive to reach it. I think that is one reason why it is not as popular as what it could be. However, if you do not mind taking a little bit of a drive, trust me a drive early in the mountains is a good thing, you will not be disappointed. You get larger servings and definitely have a great cost friendly meal. What else is great is the biscuits here, you are not going to be disappointed by the biscuits.

2. Pancake Pantry

No matter what, even if it is your first trip to Gatlinburg one place that you will notice almost right away is the Pancake Pantry. This location is one that specializes in all the pancakes you could ever imagine wanting. What is really amazing about this place is the fact that it is located near the Village in downtown Gatlinburg so it is easy for you to walk to and the way the architecture is set up on this building it is definitely something you do not want to miss out on. In fact, the architecture of the building has been noted as a reminder of the way the buildings in Germany would have looked.

As you can tell one of the foods that this place specializes in is right on the name. Pancakes are a great food item and when you are in Gatlinburg the choice of syrups and toppings is numerous which is what makes this place such a great one to check out. I have to admit, for some people on a budget the menu could be a little pricey so please keep that in mind when you are looking at the different places to eat breakfast at. With the budget in mind, the amount of food you get and the quality of the food definitely justifies the price.

1. Crocketts Breakfast Camp

When you look at Crocketts you may think it is a breakfast camp so you are going to get camp style food. However, this is the wrong assumption by a mile. I have to say if this is what you thought you are going to be shocked once you go into the restaurant. The food will knock your socks off and you will notice the food comes out piping hot and in some cases in the skillets. To be fair, you need to use caution if the food is in the skillet as the skillet is going to be warm. No matter what, though, the food you get from Crocketts is good and pretty much any dish that you order off the menu.

Something that I did not find on the menu when I was looking, but can commonly be ordered is a true biscuit and gravy. I know they make this meal as I have seen it being served before, but for the life of me I could not find it on the menu outside of sides. I may need my glasses double checked again so that could be why I could not find it.

How To Pick Which Breakfast In Gatlinburg Place To Pick From

Okay, now the challenge that you are going to find is picking out where to eat from. I can tell you that almost anywhere on the list is going to be able to provide you with the food you want to eat. At the same time, if you are looking for a great place to enjoy then I would obviously recommend our top choice, after all, that is how it landed on the list. No matter what, though, anywhere you go on the 5 best breakfast restaurants in Gatlinburg you are sure to find a great meal and know you are going to have a plate full of food to start off the day.


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