What To Do In Gatlinburg With A Toddler




What To Do In Gatlinburg With A Toddler


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What To Do In Gatlinburg With A Toddler

What To Do In Gatlinburg With A ToddlerBringing a toddler to Gatlinburg is a great way to enjoy your time as a family and not miss out on any of the precious moments you have when the kids are young. However, what you will find is that even with the family-friendly town you will want to make a memory, you should know about what to do in Gatlinburg with a toddler. Then you can plan out your trip and know your toddler is going to have a great time when they are in Gatlinburg, even if it means they are going to need to sleep quite a bit more than what you expect because they will definitely be busy! However, I have not heard many parents complain once the toddlers are asleep because it allows them to enjoy the quiet and peace that comes from having a great toddler who is sleeping at night and hopefully all night long. With that being the case, here is our list of what to do in Gatlinburg with a toddler. All of these are great attractions and will definitely provide you with a great experience as a family.


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5. Mirror Maze

A mirror maze is a great place to go and you can spend hours in the location when you are here with a toddler. The mirror mazes help you get some time enjoying the location as a family, but also starting to find the path around the maze. What else is nice about this type of maze is your kids are going to really like it and compared to some places that would be haunted they will not be scared when they are going through the maze because nothing will be jumping out from behind a wall, which for a toddler can be scary.

4. Picnic In The Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is so close that you are going to be tempted to go into the mountains every day. Well, I have to say this is definitely something you will want to do because it has some great picnic areas. I know some of my favorite picnic areas are located in the park and some of the restaurants in Gatlinburg even have picnic lunch options. This will definitely make it easier for you to have a great time because you can pick up your picnic lunch and have all the supplies you need to enjoy yourself. Then you just have to find a picnic table that is open and sit back and enjoy the food and the beautiful scenery.

3. Dollywood

The theme park is one place you are going to like. Dollywood is a place you are going to really love. The kids are definitely going to love the place. Dollywood does have a lot of things going for it and even with it being a little bit on the pricey side at times for a family, it will be worth the cost. The kids will enjoy the fantastic adventures they can find here. However, the toddler will love all the food that you can find at the theme park because it is sugar-laden and what kid does not love sugar? One thing that you will want to check out is the kids’ area that has different rides that are meant for the toddlers and will help to keep them occupied. The actual area is called the Country Fair, but it has rides themed for kids and will work for all ages.

2. Hillbilly Golf

Hillbilly Golf is just one of the places that you are going to want to check out and I have to say the characters that are here are definitely going to make it worth going to check out. I personally found most of the toddlers will like this course because of the characters and the way the course is laid out. The best part is when you are playing mini golf at any of the amazing courses around Gatlinburg you will have a great time and your toddler because it is a smaller course will have a chance to play the game as well. What else is great is the workers are very understanding of the toddlers who are playing and often find it funny when you are playing with your kids and trying to explain the rules of the game to them.

1. Ripley’s Aquarium

I have to say this is one location that will really mesmerize your kids because of everything you can see and do. Ripley’s Aquarium is going to have plenty of fish for you to enjoy looking at. but also will have some of the great looks you are wanting as well for picture opportunities of your toddlers. What your kids may like quite a bit is hte shark tunnel where they can go under the water and look up through the tunnel at the sharks. What else you will really like and it is a lot more interactive than what you would expect is where they get to pet the stingrays, horseshoe crabs, and quite a few other animals as well that are all in the water. Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies will definitely make this possible and easily lead to this being the trip your kids will remember for their life.


Which Thing Should You Do

When you have toddlers in Gatlinburg you will find that it can be a challenge to figure out what to do. I know that I have provided you with a list that I really like and at the same time is something that I found quite a few parents of toddlers like as well. You just have to make sure you plan to space these out and allow for the right amount of time for each one. Then you will not have a grumpy toddler who starts to scream in the back of the car, but at the same time will not be worn out like you would be if you are trying to do everything at once. Overall, I will say that any of the 5 best things of what to do in Gatlinburg with a toddler will be amazing for you and your family.



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