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Gatlinburg Shopping – A Great Choice To Be Made

Gatlinburg shopping at the Village
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Shopping in Gatlinburg is a great way to spend your time and money when you are in Gatlinburg. I know that Gatlinburg has a wide range of unique shops that are going to keep you busy, but also going to have different products that you may have never thought about getting before. I know this is going to be one of the main reasons why you will want to go to Gatlinburg, outside of the mountains. However, what you need to realize is the shopping is great and often will lead to you wanting to know more about why you should be traveling here and even more why you should start to shop in Gatlinburg. In our shopping section, we will try to cover as many of the shops that we can, but some of the shops will be a little bit harder to cover because like all towns businesses do open and close on a regular basis unfortunately. So we are going to do our best to get the shops covered and write up reviews about the shops and the type of products they offer and their location.

Why Shopping In Gatlinburg Is Unique

Okay, now you may not realize this, but shopping in Gatlinburg is easily one of the most unique experiences you can have when you are on vacation. The main difference is the fact you get the convenience of a major city, but in a small enough location that you can walk to almost any of the places that you are trying to get to. For example, you could find some of the different shops that are new to you, but are also unique to the area. So you need to make sure you know more about the different shops that are present and how most of these shops are going to be family owned or privately owned and not be the exact same as those you can go to down the street in the mall. I guess, you could see the best way to view Gatlinburg is like the mall, but instead it is an outdoor mall with all the businesses being owned by people and not a major corporation. So you are going to be able to know you are supporting a family directly and not supporting a major corporation.

Are The Shops Really Different? 

The simple answer to this is a resounding Yes! I mean they have a little section of town called the Village, which is actually in the picture that I have as the main picture at the top. This area will take you zooming back to make you think that you are feeling like you are shopping in some of the older English or German markets that you would see on the tourist shows featuring these areas. However, each of these are going to give you some of the different ideas and items that you need to have. Some of these items are very important for you to have to get the enjoyment of the Great Smoky Mountains properly, like a hiking supply store, but their is also a Celtic shop that will make it easier for you to get the right feel for your Irish heritage or get a unique gift for those that could not make the trip with you.

Conclusion And List

Okay, I know that I have been talking about the shopping that is available in Gatlinburg quite a bit, but that is because shopping is easily one of those things that you can do when you are traveling. This is why I decided to look at the shopping in Gatlinburg quiet a bit and this will help you know more about the way the trip is going to help you in getting to enjoy your trip. I even have a list of the different shopping adventures that you can have in Gatlinburg and I did try to break down the shopping into different categories for you to enjoy. Please note that we will be adding onto this list as we can, but we are trying to provide a comprehensive list and it can take quite a long time.

Arts And Craft Shops In Gatlinburg

Alewine Pottery

Beech Branch Crafts

Blackwolff Knives

Buie Pottery

Country Cobbler Custom Leather

Dinwoodie Metal Sculptors

Fowlers Clay Works

Good Natured Gifts

Great Smoky Mountains D-Lite Candles

Hand Leather

Hills Creek Gallery and Glass Studio

A Jann Peitso, Art!

The Leather Works

Lorelei Candles

Misty Mountain Soap

Ogles Broom Shop

Otto Preske – Artist In Wood

Ownby’s Woodcraft

Simply Twisted

Smoky Mountain Art

Smoky Mountain Spinnery

Tim Weberding Woodworking

Treasures In Earthen Vessels

Wood Cottage

Galleries In Gatlinburg

Cliff Dwellers Gallery

The Gallery At Gatlinburg

G Webb Gallery

Highland Craft Gallery

Jim Gray Gallery

Paul Murry Gallery

Stewart Gallery

The Terri Waters Gallery

Thomas Kinkade Gallery

Malls In Gatlinburg 

The Village

Baskins Square Mall

Covered Bridge In The Glades

Gatlinburg Aerial Tram Mallway


Mountain Mall

Outdoor Outfitters

The Day Hiker

NOC Gatlinburg

Specialty Shops Of Gatlinburg

Ace Hardware of Gatlinburg

All Sauced Up

Auto Tags of Gatlinburg

The Body Works

Celtic Heritage Company

Christmas Eve Gifts

Doc ‘S Magic Shop

Ely’s Mill

Foot Gear

Gatlin Country Leather

The Gatlin-Burlier Tobacconist

Gatlinburg T’s & Souvenirs


Glassblowers Of Gatlinburg and Jewelry

The Hayloft

The Honey Pot

IX Nubes


Life Is Good

The Lollipop Guild

The Maples Tree

Mountain Woodcarvers & Workshop

Old Town Photo And Gem Mine

The Paula Deen Store

Radio Shack

Santa’s Claus-Et

The Shops At Ober

The Silver Galleon

The Silver Tree

Smokezy Tobacco

Smoky Mountain Angler

So Very Cherry

The Tennis Corner


Tickled Pink Boutique

Village Candles

Walgreens Drug Store

William Britten Gallery

Wood Signs Of Gatlinburg

Specialty Food Stores Of Gatlinburg

Artisan Cheese And More

Aunt Mahalia’s Candies

The Caramel Candy Company

The Donut Friar

Natural House Of Jerky

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

The Popcorn Emporium

Smoky Mountain Farms Jelly House

Smoky Mountain Nut House

Thistle Dew

Whole Earth Grocery

Zi Olive


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