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Review Of The Holiday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg Smoky

Holiday Inn Vacation Club Gatlinburg-Smoky When you are traveling to any location, one name that is well known throughout the world is Holiday Inn. However, one thing that a lot of people do not realize is the fact Holiday Inn has started to branch off and has formed a club vacation spot and one of those locations is in the beautiful city of Gatlinburg. I know that a lot of people will like looking at this location, but what they need to realize is this is a location that has quite a bit of attention and is easily one of the best around for you to stay at.

What makes this location even better is the fact it is one that has people starting to scratch their heads and wonder why they never thought about staying here before. I know that when I started to write the review on this property it was easily one of the best places to stay at in Gatlinburg and can easily provide you with quite a bit of travel and leisure as the location has quite a few options you are going to enjoy. Here is our review of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg Smoky location, which will help you in getting to know more about this location and how it can help make your trip enjoyable.

Location Of The Holiday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg Smoky

Driving to a location in a tourist town can often mean making a wrong turn or not locating the hotel until well after check in. Since it can be daunting going into a new town and finding a hotel, we decided to provide you with some simple directions to find the location from the center of town, which most people agree is the aquarium. The address of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg Smoky:

404 Historic Nature Trail

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

From the aquarium,  you would head like you are going towards the park entrance. However, when you reach the convention center you will turn at the red light. The light number used to be number 8, but I am not sure if that is still the case or not. Still this is not always the best way to determine where to turn because the numbers and lights can change. Once you reach this light, at Historic Nature Trail, you will turn left. After you turn left, the hotel is going to be roughly a tenth of a mile up on the right hand side of the road. As you can tell, the sign may be obscured at times by the bushes that are near the sign so be on the lookout for that issue.

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Exterior Features Of The Holiday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg Smoky

When you first arrive at the location you will be astonished by the well manicured grounds. The pictures that are present simply do not do justice for the way this location actually looks. I know that some hotels will think that you are going to be able to look on the outside and just assume it was an oversight on their part, but this location goes a step further and provides you with the outside that is stunning and actually is a simple tease of what you will see once you reach the inside of the location. Views are one of the main things that people are looking for when they are staying in Gatlinburg and to be honest, in this location you will not be disappointed in some of the views. While the Holiday Inn Club Vacation Gatlinburg Smoky will not have the best views of all the mountains, it is a common problem that almost any location will experience when they are located in Gatlinburg.

  • Quick walks to most of the major attractions in town. In fact, the location is less than a mile from the aquarium and for most people that is easily within walking distance.
  • Outdoor swimming pool that is going to be used seasonally, but that is pretty much standard. I personally do not know many people that would want to swim in an outdoor pool when it is ten degrees outside.
  • BBQ grills and an outdoor picnic type area is also available on the site and this means that you will be able to enjoy eating a meal that you prepare on the grills while seeing the mountains in the background.

Exterior At Night Of The Holiday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg SmokyHoliday Inn Club Vacation Gatlinburg Smoky ExteriorPatio Area Holiday Inn Club Vacation Gatlinburg Smoky HotelGrills at Holiday Inn Outdoor PoolOutdoor Pool

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Amenities Offered By The Location

Sometimes, people who are traveling to Gatlinburg are going to need to know about the amenities the hotel offers. I know that for my husband their are some amenities that the hotel has to offer for him to be in a good mood while traveling. Now, for some of the hotels they are going to have very similar amenities and I have found that to be common if you are traveling in Los Angeles or if you are staying in a little hotel in upper Maine. With that being said, their are some amenities that are offered by the hotel as a whole that really sets them apart. This is also true with the Holiday Inn Club Vacation Gatlinburg Smoky location as well.

  • Traveling with kids can be a hard thing to do because they often end up getting bored and do not want to sit in the hotel room the entire night. So you will find this hotel definitely takes that into consideration and has a great arcade and game room for the entire family to enjoy.
  • In a mountain area, you will often want to just sit back and relax, but find it to hard to do in the room because of the silence. This is when you need to realize this location helps address that problem with a lobby fireplace, so you can sit in the lobby and have a great time even if you are just watching the fire.
  • Indoor pool area as well as the outside pool that we talked about. Included inside of the indoor pool area is the spa tub that allows you to sit down and just relax away all of the pains and aches you have from the hours that you have spent hiking in the mountains.
  • Traveling with children can be a hassle because you have to pack their bed. However, with this location you do not need to bring their bed as they have a crib bed available for you to use in the room and know that your kids will have a good time and not be concerned about them having to sleep in an adult bed.

fitness roomgame roomgame room holiday innHoliday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg-Smoky ReviewedHoliday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg-Smoky ReviewedLobby at Holiday Inn Club VacationPool and spa

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Room Features At The Holiday Inn Club Vacation Gatlinburg Location

The rooms are what will help determine how great the place is and if you will have a great trip or not. The room features that you are going to find in the Holiday Inn Club Vacation Gatlingbury Smoky are actually quite numerous. However, you will find since this location is a vacation club location you may get asked quite often to join the club. The room features you will find are easily going to make up for the difference in the potential questions you can be asked to join their vacation club. I know for certain these features are easily some of the best ones that I have seen in a long time. So you will want to make sure you know about these features and these are going to be posted here.

Eating out all the time is one reason why people are not able to travel. I know for me the main reason I cannot travel as often as what I want is I have a family of five and eating out is about fifty bucks or more per meal. Factor that out over three days travel eating two or three meals a day and you can see the cost of eating is going to make up more than my hotel room. However, with this location it has a kitchen in the rooms and this is going to make it easier for you to cook your food, if you want, and save yourself quite a bit of money when you are traveling all over the mountains.

Obviously the bathrooms are going to be a private area for you to go, but something else that you will enjoy is the fact the room offers a jetted tub as well. This is going to make it easier for you to get the trip that you want to have and know it is going to help you in getting the relaxation that you want to have and know that you are going to be able to enjoy your trip. Without this type of tube you may have trouble in getting to enjoy your trip because you are not going to be tired or sore.

Sometimes if you are in the area in the middle of winter, you will want to be able to look out of the room at the mountains with a fire in the fireplace. When you are staying at this location you will find that this is going to be a great place that will allow you to have the fireplace that you want because the rooms have a fireplace in them. Now these may be seasonal, so you need to double check with the desk when you are booking the room, but if you are down in Gatlinburg during the winter months you can almost guarantee they are going to have some type of fireplace that will be ready to be lit.

Depending on where you are staying at in the location you will find that their is a chance that you can find adjoining rooms. When you have adjoining rooms, it will be easy for you to have a room separate for the parents and the children. However, you do need to realize these rooms are rare and if you are planning on staying at the location for a long period of time with children you may want to book the room early on or you could end up having the issue that a lot of people have and that is being disappointed that all of the adjoining rooms are taken.

Room at Holiday Inn Club vacation Room with Jet Tub guestroomGuest room with dining areaKitchen at Holiday Inn cacation club Gatlinburg smokyfireplace and balconyHoliday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg-Smoky ReviewedHoliday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg-Smoky ReviewedHoliday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg-Smoky ReviewedHoliday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg-Smoky Reviewed

What Others Are Saying

John from Southport UK says this, “Great hotel and excellent service.”

Junie has this to say, “Very comfortable and a convenient location.”

Another traveler has this to say, “Easy walk to Gatlinburg strip.”

For the most part you will find mostly positive reviews and the hotel according to Expedia has an extremely high recommendation on sending people back to the location. So this is definitely going to interest a lot of people and make the trip quite a bit more enjoyable.

Ratings Of The Holiday Inn Club Vacation Gatlinburg Smoky

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If the Holiday Inn Club Vacation Gatlinburg Smoky does not suit you check out all the hotels.


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