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Greystone Lodge On The River

The Greystone Lodge on the River is one of those locations that you may not know about, but you will find that between all of the hotels in Gatlinburg this is a hotel that is actually ranked 13th on TripAdvisor and easily one of the best hotels that can be a gem that you could easily overlook. Since this is the case, we have decided to delve deeper into the Greystone and give you some of the information that you want to have. I know that when I am traveling to any place I want to read about as many of the hotels in the region to ensure that I am able to find the right one that is going to match my families needs. I know I travel with 2 adult and now 3 kids, so travel is not as easy as what it used to be. To help you determine if the Greystone Lodge On The River in Gatlinburg is the best hotel for you, then you need to make sure you read the review that we have prepared to ensure that it is going to be the right hotel that you want to stay in. For more exciting information make sure you read the complete review of the Greystone Lodge On The River. It is important to note that the Greystone has recently completed a renovation and has been updated!

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Location Of The Greystone Lodge On The River

Location is something that you will want to know about because this is going to help you determine if you will be staying outside of town, like at the Lodge at Buckberry Creek, or staying within walking distance like at the Historic Gatlinburg Inn. With the Greystone you will find it is very easy to locate and here is the address and directions.

559 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN, 37738,

Now, here is the tricky part, the address is listed as being on the Parkway. However, do not be fooled! The Greystone Lodge on the River is not actually on the parkway for the entrance. Yes, the address has that listed, but it is very easy to find as it is going to be easy for you to want to take a right at No Way Jose’s Cantina. Then you will go down Greystone Heights Road for a very short distance and the Greystone Lodge will be on the right hand side. Now you may be asking where Greystone Heights road is and that answer is very easy because this is the location where Ripley’s Aquarium is at and this is the little side road that you see running beside the aquarium.

Exterior Features Of The Greystone Lodge On The River

When you first arrive at the hotel, you may notice that it does not look like a modern hotel and in my case the outside of the hotel makes it look like a flashback to the older hotels that I would see in the movies from the 50s and 60s. However, I think that is because of the way the covered entrance to the hotel looks and I tend to watch some of those older movies. Do not let this entrance be misleading and you will need to know about the rest of the features to ensure that you know about what could easily be one of the best vacation experiences you can have when you travel to Gatlinburg.

  • Has a garden and picnic area that is going to make it easy for you to go out an enjoy the beauty that is present, but also be able to hear the river as it is winding its way through Gatlinburg.
  • Uses an outdoor seasonal pool that will make it easier for you to have some enjoyment and know that the vacation can be fun, but you will also find the outdoor seasonal pool does provide you with the option to use a water slide, which can make the pool a lot more fun.
  • Balconies that are going to be able to look over the river is going to be something else you are going to like because it allows you time to sit down and enjoy your view and trip even more.

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Amenities Offered At The Greystone Lodge On The River

When you are traveling one of the main things you are going to look for is the amenities at the hotel. I know for me, because I have kids now this is one of the top things that I tend to look for and it often means that I am going to need to get the right information about the amenities or I can easily end up with a car full of disappointed kids and husband to boot. Now, anyone who is a parent or married that any of these people being disappointed often means that you are going to have a terrible vacation. With that being said, here are the amenities that we managed to find at the Greystone Lodge on the River.

  • Seasonal outdoor swimming pool with a water slide is going to allow you to partake in the outdoors, without having to worry about going out into the mountains. Now the downside is this pool is only seasonal and with the way the weather has been acting anymore, it can be very difficult to decide what actually is seasonal anymore when you are traveling and what is normal.
  • Has a breakfast area that has free breakfast that you can enjoy. However, you do need to make sure you spend at least one day out enjoying the breakfast to make sure you have a great time.
  • Balconies are not that important to kids, but I know for me I do enjoy some time to sit and unwind. What is nice about the Greystone is the fact that it allows me to have this time because it has the balconies that are nestled right over the river so I can sit back and enjoy hearing the rustling of the water as it is going by.

Room Features Present With The Rooms At The Greystone Lodge On The River

When you are looking at some of the hotels, you will find the rooms are going to be one of the best features that you will want to look for. I know that when I was looking at the Greystone, I could not really find much in the way of the rooms amenities outside of the basics for the most part. However, I also know that you will want to know about the amenities that are present and this is going to make it easier for you to know if you are going to have a good time in your room or not. I know in some cases, you will really need to know more about the rooms to make sure it does suit your needs. Here are some of the amenities that are present in the rooms that are available at the Greystone Lodge on the River.

Refrigerators are one of the most important things for you to have inside of your room when you are traveling. While a lot of hotels are now offering refrigerators in the rooms, their are some that are not offering any way for you to store your food when you get done eating out and have way to much food left over. I know this is one of the most important things for me to know about and since I have a baby, it is nice to know this location has these refrigerators in the room to make it easier for me to store my milk and other food that I plan on eating.

WiFi is going to be something else you will want to have in your room. This makes it easier for you to connect to the Internet and share all of your vacation pictures with family and friends. However, it is important for you to note that you may want to disable the location posting when you are sharing pictures like this because it could lead to thieves discovering that you are not home and make them think it will be easy for them to break into your home while you are gone.

What Others Are Saying

Bamaref1 has this to say about the Greystone, “very comfotable beds”.

Badvac2015 says this about the Greystone, “nice balcony with a water view.”

NariK says this, “The room and bathroom was spotless.”

As you can tell their are quite a few satisfied guest at the Greystone and they actually loved the majority of the aspects of the Greystone Lodge on the River. Just like I am sure you will was well, but either way you need to check out all the hotels in Gatlinburg to make sure you check the right location to stay at.

My Final Thoughts On Greystone Lodge On The River

The Greystone Lodge on the River is a hotel that has recently completed a major upgrade to the tune of 7.5 million dollars. Those upgrades have definitely added into the beauty of the place and have the hotel moving up in the world. Not to mention, I really love the ease of getting to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies from my hotel room. All of these make it easier for me to see that the Greystone Lodge is one location that you can enjoy staying at for multiple reasons.

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