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Discover Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster

Gatlinburg is a beautiful town with the mountains surrounding the city. However, what else is nice about Gatlinburg is the fact it has started to become a tourist town and definitely is starting to get a lot of the attractions you want to see and rides you would want to do. One of those attractions is the Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster and this is easily one of those attractions you can overlook if you are not careful. Since this is the case we decided it was time to launch into our review of the Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster so you can see if this coaster, will help keep your family entertained or if you need to consider a different place to go to.

What I Liked With Rowdy Bear Coaster

The fact this is a gravity ran roller coaster. This is going to make it easier for you to control the speed and feel like you are able to control yourself even better. However, what else I like is the fact this is safe for the environment and since it is run by gravity you do not to be concerned about the coaster being impacted by any power outages or other issues that are commonly found with the roller coasters.

With this roller coaster, you will have a chance to zoom in and out of the mountains. Now, this is similar to what you get on the other coaster we have reviewed. However, the Rowdy Bear has different views and this is definitely going to make it quite a bit easier for you to know you are going to have a chance to go out and look at the mountains and know you can have a great trip and views.

What I Did Not Like At Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster

Now, I have a larger family and this makes it a little bit difficult for us to have a great vacation. However, this is a place that has a lot of great attractions that we love to see, but the cost can be prohibitive at times. The good news is the location has some coupons you can find. At the time of this writing, the coupons can knock off close to 2 dollars per ticket for you to go and have the trip you would want to have.

My Final Thoughts 

When I am looking at something that is going to be fun for the family I try to find quite a few things for us to do. One of those items that I found is the Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster. This coaster is a little bit on the expensive side and it is definitely going to be one thing you may not want to pay for. Overall, this is a good attraction and definitely one to check out if you have the money to spend on the coaster.



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