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Learn About Ripley’s Haunted Adventure In Gatlinburg

Ripley's Haunted Adventure In GatlinburgHalloween is coming up faster than what any of us want and it will not be long before you have ghouls and ghosts knocking on your door to get candy and other treats from you. However, if you want to go on a great trip before Halloween then you need to check out Ripley’s Haunted Adventure located in beautiful Gatlinburg. The location is one that is open year-round, but around Halloween, it seems to take on an extra level of fright and amazement.  I have to admit, I can easily see why when you enter the doors you never know what is going to lurk around the next corner. With that being the case, it is now time for us to do our Ripley’s Haunted Adventure review to see if this spooky Gatlinburg attraction will suit your needs.

What I Like About The Haunted Adventure By Ripley’s

The size of the haunted house is one of the best aspects that we have found with the attraction. Yes, it is going to be a little bit larger than your average haunted house, but it is definitely worth going because you have a chance to go out and see the spookiness that is present and knows that you have plenty of time to go through the mansion and know you can find something around the corner that you had overlooked before.

The rooms appearance in some of the location is going to be something else you can enjoy. You may not have thought about this before, but when you are going through some of the haunted houses they have a lot of lights and strobes to confuse you. Here they have some amazing dark rooms that will allow you to get hands-on and almost have to feel your way around the room to find the next doorway.

Live actors are a great addition to any of the haunted houses and because of the experience, Ripley’s knows this. This means you will have live interaction with the displays at times and not just be subjected to the displays that are going to have the animatronics walking around and moving. This not only changes the feel but can take Ripley’s Haunted Adventure to a completely new level.

What I Did Not Care For

The level of scariness is going to vary depending on who is working and where they are working. Yes, it may seem a little odd to say that, but just like your favorite grocery store if a certain cashier is working you will know your checkout experience will be good. The same goes for here as people are going to either love or hate the job here. So if you get the right crew working, which around Halloween is usually the A-crew, you will have a great time. If you have the wrong crew then you could find the place to be boring.

My Final Thoughts On Haunted Adventure 

The location is great, right on the strip, the time you spend in here can be a good time if the right crew is working and you do not mind being scared some. However, at the same time, the wrong crew can lead to you being very disappointed. Throw in the fact they have an age limit and anyone under age six is not admitted it makes it a little bit harder to enjoy if you have a large family or younger kids. Overall, the place is decent and if you have the extra time could definitely be worth the time to go and enjoy an afternoon.


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