Gatlinburg Sky Lift Review




Gatlinburg Sky Lift Review


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Discover The Gatlinburg Sky Lift

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The Sky Lift in Gatlinburg is one of the attractions in Gatlinburg that really stands out for a lot of people. The reason is different for each person, but for most, it is because of the romanticism of getting to go on a sky lift with a special someone and go for a quiet ride up to the top of the mountains. Unlike a ski lift, though, people are going to have a ride back down and not have to worry about falling over while skiing down the slopes. Since this is the cases, we decided it was time to do our review of the fire survivor Gatlinburg Sky Lift.



What We Like About Gatlinburg Sky Lift

Obviously, the main thing that we like is the stunning views you get from the Gatlinburg Sky Lift. Now you may not think about this, but this is the sky lift that just reopened a short time ago after the fire that took out the top part of the lift and even removed the shop that was located at the top of the lift. However, the views you get are just as good, if not better, than what they were before the fire. That is mainly because the piers are new and stable and the trees are perfectly thinned, by nature, to make it easier for you to see everything around you.

The fact they are rebuilding a lot is something else that you will need to consider as well. While the top and the store is not done, which means you can only ride up and back down, it is supposed to be a work in progress. If it gets completed and is anything like its old self, it will be stunning and you will find one of the best places for you to go to and know you are going to have a chance to see everything you would want to see. What is even better is the shop at the top used to sell souvenirs you would not get anywhere else.

What We Did Not Like About Gatlinburg Sky Lift

Now, this is nothing to do with the sky lift, but more about what the fire destroyed. The shop at the top that used to be sitting up so nice and beautiful was burned down. Now the sky lift is up and running, but it is not allowing you to get off at the top for safety reasons right now. I can completely understand this concern, but at the same time, I cannot wait until everything is back up and running at the top as well so you can get out and look around and spend even more time taking in the stunning views.

Our Final Thoughts On Gatlinburg Sky Lift

We remember this before the fire and have to say before the fire this was definitely one of the best attractions you could find in Gatlinburg. The place has some amazing views you can enjoy and if they get the shop back at the top it will be an amazing place to go. Without the shop at the top and the inability to get off at the top all you are going to have is the chance to enjoy the amazing views that are seen at the top of the mountains and then have a great ride down.


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