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Parks In Gatlinburg – Mynatt Park

Gatlinburg vacationEveryone knows that Gatlinburg has the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but what they may not realize is there are other parks in Gatlinburg for them to visit as well. One of those parks that tends to be a hidden gem for a Gatlinburg vacation will be Mynatt Park. However, what makes this park stand out from the other parks and what will make this one of those little gems that you should visit when you are in Gatlinburg. This is when you should know more about what is going to set this park off and why you should be visiting this park when you have decided that you did not want to go out and explore the national park on your vacation. With that being the case, let us start to cover Mynatt Park and what all it offers for you to do and enjoy.

Location Of The Park

Now the park is not that difficult to find, but for some people, because this is not located right on the Parkway it will become nearly impossible for people to find at times. This is why as much as it pains me to take away from the content of the article and learning about the park, I have to share the location of Mynatt Park to make sure you are able to locate the park easily when you are in Gatlinburg. The best part is this is very easy to find and if you are going to Historic Motor Nature Trail before you get onto the trail it is the park you see off on the right-hand side of the road off of Asbury Lane.

What Does The Park Offer

  • Picnic areas is one of the common things you will find at this park. While you probably realize all the parks in the region will have a picnic area, this is one of those places that you are going to find that has some picnic areas around the area are just going to have good views. With this park it has a view of the mountains and the stream that you are going to find as well. So this will allow you to enjoy your meal while you are eating your lunch that you can pick up from some of the lovely restaurants in Gatlinburg.
  • Now, if you are in Gatlinburg and it does rain, which can happen at times, you will find that you are going to want to have some type of protection for your food and keep it safe from the raindrops. The town realizes this and that has made it quite a bit easier for you to understand why you are going to enjoy the fact this park has a pavilion that you can use as well, but you may want to make sure no wedding or party has the pavilion booked when you are getting ready to use it or you could end up having some problems and have to leave the pavilion.
  • After you have finished eating your lunch and if you have kids, you will find the basketball court, tennis court, and the baseball diamond to be very inviting as well. What is even better is the place usually has quite a few kids around because it is a park and this will make it easier for you to have your kids interact with other kids and start to burn off some of the pent-up energy they may have, but also get rid of the meal they just ate and be ready in time for dinner.
  • Trails are another feature you will like with this park. Just like the mountains and the national park you will notice this is another park that will have quite a few trails for you to explore as well. So this makes it easier for you to go out as a couple if you are traveling without kids and explore the mountains. At the same time, you will find the trails will also be great for kids as well because it is going to make it easier for you to have a great time and have a chance to go out and explore the beauty of nature that is around the city of Gatlinburg.
  • Finally you will notice this is a park that has the mountain stream that you can enjoy, which we mentioned in the picnic tables. However, with this mountain stream you are going to notice it will have plenty of people playing in it. While this is allowed for the most part, we do recommend using caution because of the way the creek runs and the fact that it can have the algae or moss on the rocks you are walking on and this can easily lead to you slipping if you are not careful.

What I Liked About The Park

The location is one of the main things that I really love about this park. Now, you may think that I am a little bit crazy for saying this, but I have to say the location is out of the way and since it is out of the way it is not going to be overly crowded as say the popular Cades Cove. So this is going to be one of the best parts because it makes it easier for you to get away from the crowds. Not to mention, you will be able to get the chance to go out and see some of the area that is around the city itself from the trails and know it is quite a bit closer than if you are going to the National Park.

Something else I like about the park is all the different picnic areas. This makes it easier for me to go out and pick up a lunch from one of my favorite carry out restaurants in town. Then I just have to bring the food up to the park and have a chance to sit down and enjoy some amazing food while relaxing to the sound of the stream that is going by at any given minute in time.

What I Did Not Like

Well, this is not so much about the park itself, but more about the way you have to get out of the park. While you could turn right it will take you down the Historic Motor Nature Trail, which is beautiful in its own right, but it may not be the trip you want to take. However, if you are turning to the left you may have to wait a little bit because of the entrance being where it is located to get back into town can be hard to do at times because this is a road that can be busy at times.

My Final Thoughts On Mynatt Park

If you are looking for a great park to visit in Gatlinburg that is not part of the National Park, then you will want to check out this park in Gatlinburg. Once you know about this park, you will most likely fall in love with it like I did. Just remember no matter what the key is to have a good time and enjoy nature when you are looking for a great place to go on your Gatlinburg vacation.


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