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Delauders Smoky Mountain BBQ 

BBQ Restaurants In GatlinburgEating at one of the many Gatlinburg restaurants can be an amazing experience. However, this does not mean that you have to stay in town all the time to get the great food. Instead, you can find some great places available for you to go and eat at outside of the city proper as well. In fact, one of the best BBQ restaurants in Gatlinburg has a feeling that it is tucked away and can easily become one of the hidden gems of a place you would want to go out and see. One of those places that will give you the comfort you want and great tasting BBQ without having to go down the Parkway is Delauders Smoky Mountain BBQ. Now, you may be asking what sets this restaurant off from the rest and that is what you are going to learn here as we are going to review the location to guarantee you have the best experience in your Gatlinburg dining experience.

Location Of Delauders Smoky Mountain BBQ

The location, as we mentioned, is not on the Parkway which can make it a challenge for some people to find. However, this does not mean you should not take the time out to go and locate Delauders as it is a great BBQ restaurant with a lot of barbecue-inspired dishes for you to enjoy. The location is at :

680 Glades Road

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of operation for Delauders at the time of this review are as follows:

Tuesday-Saturday 11:30 AM until 7:00 PM.

Sunday – Closed

Monday they are open from 11:30 AM until 5:00 PM.

Features Of This Great BBQ Restaurant

  • This is one of those gem places that has made it onto quite a few top list. So you will love the fact that you can brag to all of your friends that you have managed to eat at a place that has been listed among the best in the nation. In fact, just recently Delauders was named to the travel and leisure list as the best sandwich in Tennessee. So that is quite an honor for a small town restaurant and definitely one that is out of the way of most of the tourist traffic.
  • The atmosphere you will find in the restaurant is very laid back. While you may think it will be uptight because of the accolades that have been showered on the location, you need to realize this is not the case. So you can easily dine at this Gatlinburg restaurant and not feel like it is a very high-pressure situation for you to eat your food and get out. Instead, you will feel very welcome at the location, but it is important that you go out as early as you can because unlike some of the BBQ restaurants in Gatlinburg this place only makes a limited amount of food. Once it is sold out of the food you will have to come back a different day to get the food you want.
  • A limited menu selection is something else that is very common when you are looking for the restaurant. Now this does not mean, they will run out of food, which is common because they make a limited amount of food each day, we mean they do not have a huge menu. In fact, the last time we checked the menu is almost entirely on a single piece of paper front and back. However, our favorite is the fact they do have some food options on the menu for people who do not want to get BBQ.

What I Love About The Restaurant 

The location is one of those things that I love. Now, do not get me wrong, I do not mind going down the Parkway to find food. However, I hate having to find parking if my hotel is not close by to find the parking. Since this is the case, I have found it is easy to get out of town and do a little bit of driving to reach a restaurant. Then I am able to enjoy a meal at an out of the way place, but also have a beautiful drive that is going to take me around the area and basically force me to explore areas I would never have thought about going to before.

Okay, now I have to admit one of the things that really drove me crazy about this place was the fact I was able to find a picture of the pulled pork on Pinterest of all places. That really made me start to wonder if a sandwich of that caliber is possible and thankfully I found out that it was not only possible, but it was amazing. The pictures you find on the Internet simply do not do the restaurant the justice it deserves. So I definitely have to say make sure you arrive early and order your platter of pulled pork to guarantee you get a sandwich. Something I would recommend is actually ordering a couple of sandwiches one for now and one for later because you will most likely find you are going to be at the restaurant for lunch and then wish you had it again for dinner.

Finally, the other thing that I really love about this location is the fact the owners are typically around the restaurant. Since they are on site any issues you have will be dealt with immediately, but it will also be very easy for you to have the assurance you want to have when you are eating. So you will have the assurance all of your food is going to be prepared perfectly and it will be made to a level you never thought you would have your food reach before.

What I Did Not Care For 

Okay, I have to admit I did not take the warnings about the location running out of the great food seriously. So I did the stupid thing and waited around. Well, you can imagine what that meant and that was the fact that I missed out on some of the great food until the next time I went by. So you definitely have to take the warning about the chance of running out of food seriously because it can and does happen. To avoid this disappointment you need to take the warning they provide you about running out of food seriously because it can and does happen.

My Final Thoughts On Delauders Smoky Mountain BBQ

What can I say outside of the fact this restaurant is amazing and is definitely a place you need to stop at when you are in Gatlinburg. I would say your trip to Gatlinburg is not complete without stopping here, but I know some people do not like BBQ foods and I am not sure why they are some of the best smoked meats around. Overall, if you want great food and good quality in a Gatlinburg restaurant with a fantastic atmosphere then you will want to make sure you put Delauders Smoky Mountain BBQ on the list of places you have to stop.

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