Hiking to Abrams Falls in Cades Cove – Great Smoky Mountains




Hiking to Abrams Falls in Cades Cove // Smoky Mountains


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Abrams Falls is a place that is nestled into Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So what really sets the hike off from the rest? Well, the video below definitely showcases the beauty of the area, but also highlights some of the amazing things you can find while hiking along the Abrams Falls trail to see the falls.

Where Is Abrams Falls Trail Located

The trail head that you want to use is located in Cades Cove loop trail. The falls do get to be a little bit on the busy side during the busier times of the year. However, Cades Cove is one of the beautiful areas that you are most likely going to fall in love with time and time again.

What Kind Of Animals Can You Encounter On The Abrams Falls Trails

I mentioned already that on Abrams Falls trail you will encounter animals. This is going to hold true and like much of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park the type of animals you encounter will vary and depend mainly on the time of the year that you are visiting. Still, it is a fairly common trail and often one that animals are leery of because of the interaction with us on the trails.

Bears are one of the bigger animals size wise that you will see. When you do encounter a bear on a trail remember you are in their territory and they are the alpha hunter in the region. Also remember if you do encounter a bear on the trail or see them in the distance do not approach them! Keep your distance from the bears and they tend to leave you alone as well, not to mention it is the law!

Deer are another animal that I have found quite often in Cades Cove as a whole. In fact, the last time that I was in Cades Cove I had a deer jump off of the area by the creek around the curve and it has a hill up to the right and almost landed on the hood of my car! So deer are another animal that you may ended up seeing on the Abrams Falls trails, but thankfully unlike the bears the deer are not a hunter and tend to leave you alone and will run away rather quickly.

Songbirds are a great way to enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature. Yes, the water from the falls is great, but when you mix in the blend and song of the birds chirping in the background it starts to provide you with an orchestra of sound that cannot be matched by anything made by man.

Sadly another group of animals that you will encounter are the annoying insects! Yes, the honey bees are great and definitely an animal that you need to leave alone as they are very valuable. However, you will also find that you get sweat bees, mosquitoes, and flies. All of those last group are the ones that decide you make quite the fine treat! I have found that insect repellent with DEET works great at keeping the bugs away. Also be mindful that you can find ticks along the trails as well and if you do find ticks on your body it is important to take them off of you as quickly as possible and safely as ticks to carry various diseases.

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Hiking to Abrams Falls in Cades Cove - Great Smoky Mountains

The final main type of animal you will encounter is reptilian in nature. Snakes are one animal that you may find on the trail and definitely are one to be wary of. While you may be used to the common garter snake in your home it is not always the case on the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains. You will find that the park has plenty of venomous snakes to be careful around, but also that the range varies and often when the weather is warm and the trails are busy the snakes tend to be out and about more often.

How Long Should I Plan

To be honest it really depends on how fast you plan on hiking and if you are encountering crowds or not. The hike overall for the entire round trip is just around 5 miles. However, one thing that you may notice is the trip is going to take about 3 to maybe even 4 hours and it is rated as being moderate in the difficulty rating.

I am sure that some people are going to say that is an awful long time to make a 5 mile trip, but it is actually not that bad. Remember the trail does get crowded and if you are like me stopping to take in the beauty of the area around you and just listening to the birds chirp is something you do.

Is Hiking To Abrams Falls Worth It?

It is hard to answer this question without really reflecting on what you are looking for in your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. If you are looking for waterfalls and nature then yes it is well worth the time it takes to pull off and hike to the 20-foot waterfall. If you are looking to enjoy historical structures and not really get out and immerse yourself in the mountains then you may not enjoy the trail. Overall, though, for me I find the Abrams Falls Trail to be one of the more rewarding that you can take in the park and getting to see the water flowing down and cascading is definitely worth the trip.

To check on hours, and more information on the trail, visit: https://www.nps.gov/grsm/planyourvisit/abrams-falls.htm


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