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Time Lapse | Sunset at Great Smoky Mountains (Cades Cove)


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Sunset In Cades Cove

Cades Cove is one area that I really love to visit anytime that I am in Gatlinburg. I know that a lot of people complain about the crowds lately and yes, I do not like the crowds either, but still the history and the beauty of Cades Cove is amazing and definitely a must see stop.

Well, one time that I am hardly ever in Cades Cove late at is when the sun is setting. Well, that is why I started to scour YouTube to find what it would look like. Now, granted this is a TimeLapse video which is not the optimal video if you want a real time type of video. However, I have to say that it is definitely better than sitting and waiting on a video for several hours for the sun to go down.

That brings me to another point what can you do when the sun is setting? Well, I know that from the way traffic has been backing up you will already be in Cades Cove when you are waiting for the sun to set. So here are some great ideas of what you can do when you are in Cades Cove to enjoy the area and be able to enjoy the trip to Cades Cove even more.

Hike To Cades Cove Historical Cabins

One aspect of Cades Cove that stands out for a lot of people is the cabins and other historical buildings in the area. Now, the downside is the pull offs for a lot of these cabins tend to get full rather quickly, but even then it is worth finding a parking space.

The reason it is great to find a parking space is you get a chance to hike out to the cabins. Once you have arrived at the cabins you can really appreciate how clean and comfortable the modern living is. Yes, we tend to complain quite a bit about the heat and even the cold, but if you walk to the cabins you can see just how easy we have it for modern living.

Cades Cove church
Photo by Vicpeters is licensed under CC

During the hikes to the cabins you can see the beauty of the trails that were heading back to the cabins. Some of the trails are very easy to follow and are in the open, which is nice at times because it does not prevent you from seeing the mountains as the background and provides some great photo ops of the cabin in front of the mountains, but is missing that connection with nature. Other cabins, though, require a little bit of a hike. When you are hiking back to the cabins you can enjoy the beauty and the sounds that are around you.

Yes, I know in the modern life and definitely with kids it is hard to take your time and slow down, but on these trails make sure you do slow down. The birds will be singing and chirping, the sounds of the cars tends to fade in the background and the best part is depending on the time of year you are in Cades Cove you have a chance to see deer or bears as well.

Go Find A Waterfall

Abrams Falls is one place that can definitely get a little bit on the crowded side. However, I will tell you that it is one hike that is worth going to. Look for a future post with a video about Abrams Falls as well. However, if you are able to find a parking spot I highly recommend taking the hike.

The hike is not that difficult that you would need to bring mountaineering gear with you, but it is a hike that is going to require you to take the time to hike out to it and be mindful of where you are hiking. Once you have reached Abrams Falls you can see just why it is such a scenic and beautiful hike for you to do.

Depending on where you are at in Cades Cove, it is important for you to look at different spots for waterfalls. I know that this may sound odd, but just looking on various groups and maps you can find some spots that would be considered a hidden gem. This makes it easier for you to hike to the falls that people typically do not go to and be able to enjoy them without the worry about crowds pushing them out of their photo ops.

Enjoy The Valley

The mountains tower above Cades Cove, which is why it is a cove. However, what you need to realize is you have some places that have a pull off in the middle of nowhere. These are not placed on the road for no reason at all. Instead, these are placed at strategic places that provide you commanding views of the mountains and the valley alike.

I can vividly recall in one of my trips to Cades Cove that I pulled off at one of these places and got my collapsible seats out of my car and sat down at the crest of the hill. I am an artist as well as running this website and I sat down and did a quick sketching while snapping pictures of the area as well to bring back home with me to capture the colors on my painting later on. Well, while we were sitting down we seen several kids with parents lagging behind them taking off and running down the valley without a care in the world. All I could think of is how Cades Cove, much like most of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, can bring about the innocence in all of us and return us to a kinder and calmer person.

While I have never had a chance to catch Cades Cove at sunset, I have found this time lapse video to do a great job of highlighting this beautiful part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at a time when most of us are not around to see. No matter what, remember to return to your childhood carefree attitude when you are in Cades Cove and have a great time while seeing the beauty that surrounds you in Cades Cove.


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