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Dreaming of your Gatlinburg vacation, but want to avoid all the crowds of town? If that is the case, then you know that renting a Gatlinburg cabin is one of the best options for you to do. Well, we recently stumbled upon a cabin in Chalet Village and decided it was time to carry out a 2307 Cherokee Winds review so you can see if the Gatlinburg cabin rental is the right one for your entire family or not.

Where Is Cherokee Winds 2307 Located

As you can tell from the video above, the cabin is located in an area that is stocked full of natural beauty. However, Cherokee Winds is also located in Chalet Village, which has plenty of overlooks of Gatlinburg and provides you plenty to see even without leaving the cabin. What else is great is the fact that the location being in Chalet Village does have plenty of amenities in the village for you to use as a guest.

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Features Of 2307 Cherokee Winds

  • 2 King Suites as the bedroom – sleeping 4 people.
  • Has 3 bathrooms for each level.
  • Has a seasonal fireplace. Season for fireplace runs from October to March.
  • Indoor whirlpool and an outdoor hot tub.
  • Has a game room for the entire family to use.

Stunning Views From The Porch

I know that when I am in Gatlinburg that I usually find the solace in the mountains. Yes, I sometimes stay in a hotel but not all the time. When I do, though, the one thing that I want to get is views of the mountains and in most of the hotels, except for places like Park Vista the mountain views are lacking. Well, the porch views and even the hot tub views you have here tend to overlook the mountains and that makes it easier for me and most likely you to sit down and enjoy the beauty that is presented to us while we are in the mountains.

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Easy To Access Main Level For Handicap Individuals

Okay, I know that some people will be looking for wheelchairs in Gatlinburg, which is normal for people who are unable to walk long distances. Now, one thing that is nice here is getting into the cabin is fairly easy to do as it has a small step to get into the cabin. The bedrooms are one part that can be a little bit harder to get into and that could lead to you not wanting to rent the cabin here.

Split Levels Provide Plenty Of Room For Family

Staying in a hotel is great for a couple or a family with one child. However, if you have more than one kid then you know that it can easily get more challenging to keep the kids entertained and from fighting. Well, that is the great news about 2307 Cherokee Winds and that is the fact that it has 3 levels, all with their own bathroom, but also plenty of space for your kids to be separated from each other and that reduces the chance of your kids fighting the entire vacation. What else is important to note is the split levels also make it easier for you to enjoy different parts of the cabin rental as well without running into the headache of tripping over each other.

Hot Tub Is Very Relaxing

I know with some of the Gatlinburg cabins that I have looked at and reviewed in the past they have a hot tub. Well, the hot tubs in some of them are rather large, but the hot tub at 2307 Cherokee Winds is not that large, but will be the normal size you get for your home. What else is great is the fact that the owners have a privacy cove built around the hot tub on 2 sides with the third side being the cabin itself. This means you do not have to be concerned about the neighbors staring at you while you are enjoying the hot tub after a long day of hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Game Room Provides Entertainment

I know for me the game room is not that big of a deal, but for some people the game room is very important. Well in the game room here it does have a 42 inch flat screen television which provides a background noise or a potential atmosphere you are used to, but also a pool table. The pool table can definitely make it easier for you to enjoy the time and even play some games against your family. The game room also has a pub type of table, which allows you to have drinks sitting on or even get a good game of cards going.

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What Does Chalet Village Offer

As I have mentioned several times 2307 Cherokee Winds is located in Chalet Village. When you do rent the cabin, you also are renting access to a lot of the amenities that are found in Chalet Village. Since you have this access it is important to know what is available to you.

  • 3 different outdoor pools, which does include the slide for a cooling area.
  • The club house has a foosball and shuffleboard table to play on.
  • A large fitness center for you to keep your exercises going while vacationing.
  • A tennis court to use.

What Others Say About 2307 Cherokee Winds

A reviewer on the Chalet Village website had this to say, “exceeded my expectations”. So you can see that this individual was extremely happy and was overjoyed at the cabin, but also at the quality of everything that was in the cabin.

Yet another reviewer actually had this to say about 2307 Cherokee Winds in their review, “Very homey, warm and cozy”. I know that when I arrive at a hotel the rooms are usually cold and pretty much the same across the board. However, here the cabin has a feel that is welcoming and one that you are going to love coming back to each night.

My Final Thoughts On 2307 Cherokee Winds

Okay, I know that I have provided you with a lot of information. However, it is time for me to provide you with my final thoughts on the cabin. Overall, I have to say it does provide you with quite a bit of space to stretch out in, but only allows 4 people. For some people that will be plenty of room for the entire family, but for me it is not enough room. Overall, if your family is small enough to fit in a cabin of that size then I highly recommend it. If not, then you may want to select a different cabin.

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