Haunted Hotels In Gatlinburg




Haunted Hotels In Gatlinburg


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Haunted Hotels In Gatlinburg

Haunted HotelsI n GatlinburgFinding a hotel in Gatlinburg is easy to do, but finding out about the haunted hotels in Gatlinburg can be a challenge. Now, I will tell you that quite a few of the hotels in Gatlinburg that have been reported as being haunted are either gone now or they are hotels that you may find have a waiting list. However, I will include what we found in the information on the haunted hotels that are in Gatlinburg, even those that are just reported as being haunted and let you know more about the different types of ghostly lore that involves some of our favorite hotels in Gatlinburg. The sad part is that we have found that a lot of these hotels are torn down and they are not going to be a hotel that you can stay at anymore, but you will notice some of them are having the ground built on and as you will read some of these hotels even have the same haunting happening.


Gatlinburg Inn

The Gatlinburg Inn is easily one of the locations you would think is haunted and is one that we have featured in its own article, which you can read about by clicking on Haunted Gatlinburg Inn. However, this is one place that has a lot of good memories for a lot of people so it would make sense that they would want to go back to a place that would make them happy. One thing that is reported is the front door of the hotel has a tendency to open on its own without anyone being around the door.

Rocky River Motel

When you are looking at the Rocky River Motel, online only since the location is closed and in the process of being removed the last time we checked, you will find the place has a history of being haunted and it is definitely a place you are going to enjoy for that haunted feel if you stayed here before. You would find a wide range of reports from people who mentioned people crawling around in the rooms, to people getting knocks on the doors and even clocks running backward. All of these are great, but unfortunately, unless the spirits move into the new buildings you will never be able to experience them.

Rocky Top Village Inn

This is another location that has been demolished. However, it is still a property that played host to a very violent murder and as anyone can tell you when people are taken by violence they have a tendency to stick around the death site for some reason. While the place is removed and the property is long gone and being rebuilt you will find that if you are going by the area and snapping pictures around the region it is still possible to catch some of the images of the workers of the Rocky Top Village Inn who were at the location when the tragedy happened. However, this location is starting to be renovated like everything else in town.

Holiday Inn Sunspree

The Holiday Inn Sunspree is a location that I am actually fond of because it is where I spent my honeymoon. I know that this place has been renovated and is now the Holiday Inn Express and part of the Holiday Inn Vacations Club region. However, before that was the case the Sunspree had several murders that supposedly happened in the area and one of the elevators would seemingly control itself as it would open and close on its own. Then people also reported several areas of the Sunspree would have their cell phones drained for no reason at all. Now, since the location has been rebuilt as part of the vacation club, you will notice that it is still getting reports of it being haunted and not allowing everything to work properly and in the parking garage area, which is where several kids were supposedly murdered, we could not verify this information, you will find the car alarms tend to go off at random times, but also people have reported hearing kids screaming.

What Do You Think? 

I know a lot of people are skeptical, but I am going to tell you that some of these stories have a strong basis for why they are going to hold up to the test of time. So I have to say that while you can be skeptical and a lot of the hotels that we mentioned are no longer standing, you will notice some people are reporting activity even when the location is built over are still reporting issues. No matter what, what do you think of the haunted hotels in Gatlinburg that we have found, even if they are not standing still?


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