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Discover Geno’s Pizza In Gatlinburg Today

Pizza is one of those meals that anywhere you travel in America you will want to run out and grab a quick bite to eat. The problem is their are literally five to ten pizza joints, if not more, in all the cities of America. Even a small town like Gatlinburg has quite a few and each one claims to be the best, but how are you as a traveler supposed to know which one of these is telling the truth and which one is making the claims? You turn to the Internet and start to read the reviews that you find online. In this review we are going to cover Geno’s Pizza in Gatlinburg so you can see if this is a good place to go or not.

Hours And Location Of Geno’s Pizza

The location of Geno’s is at

385 East Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

With Geno’s you will find the hours below:

Sunday – Thursday 5 PM – 1 AM

Friday and Saturday 4 PM – 3 AM

What Our Meal Usually Is From Geno’s Pizza

When we go to Geno’s it is usually because we love the atmosphere. The food is decent, but as far as the menu side of pizzas we have found it to be limited on the regular pizzas that they can whip out, but the customization of the pizzas is great, but if you want to get a set menu pizza that can be hard to do at times. I know for us we tend to gravitate to the All Meat Special because everyone in our family loves their meat. Now we usually do get an order of Cheese Stix as well, because we want to be full when we get done and face it we love our carbs.

Now before we head out, we do get a dessert from here. The desserts are fairly limited, but they do have a chocolate bread stix that is very interesting. The dipping sauce, instead of being the traditional marinara that you would expect is a chocolate sauce. Now I do not recommend taking this back to your room because they will get cold, but if you eat them at Geno’s you will have a treat that you will simply love and not want to go back to anything else for a while.

What We Did Not Like At Geno’s Pizza

The main thing that we do not like at Geno’s is the limited selection of menu style pizzas. Yes, I know this is a smaller place, but you would think they would have more than 5 pizzas that are listed and then the build your own. The build your own definitely makes up for the lack of menu ready pizzas, but at the same time we want to be pushed into trying new things and not fall back to our comfort zone, which is exactly what you get with the build your own. Either way we understand why they have a smaller selection for pizzas, but at the same time think a change of pace pizza would help out as well, even if it is on a rotating basis.

Our Final Thoughts On Geno’s Pizza

Pizza is a great meal that is very quick and easy to order. However, you will find that it can be hard to find the perfect pizza place to get a pizza from because each place is going to claim to be the best in town. The other issue you will find is not all the pizza restaurants will be created equal and this can make it hard to enjoy at times. With Geno’s they have decent pizza with a lively atmosphere. The choice of menu ready pizzas is limited, but the build your own does make up for this. Our recommendation is if you want pizza you should give Geno’s a try, never know you may be shocked at how good the pizza is.


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