Gatlinburg Wine Cellar Review – Gatlinburg Winery




Gatlinburg Wine Cellar Review - Gatlinburg Winery


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Gatlinburg Wine Cellar

Gatlinburg winery - Wine BottleGetting a chance to travel to Gatlinburg is a blessing in more ways than what you would imagine. However, what you will find is the city has so many attractions in addition to the Great Smoky Mountains it can be very difficult to figure out what you should be doing and what you should be avoiding during your vacation. Since this is the case, we have decided it was time for us to write up a review of the Gatlinburg Wine Cellar. Then you will see that yes, Gatlinburg does have several wine cellars and at the same time they are each going to have a little bit different wineries and each one of these is going to have a great selection of wines for you to enjoy and bring home with you. We have already completed our review of Sugarlands and Tennessee Homemade Wines, which are a couple of great places, but now we will learn about the third winery.

Location Of Gatlinburg Wine Cellar

Well, if you go anywhere in Gatlinburg you know that it is probably going to be on the Parkway and this place is no exception as it is located on the Parkway as well. This is going to make it easier to find, but at the same time make it a challenge as well because the Parkway already has so much going on that it is very easy to overlook some of the items that you are going to be needing to see. Since that is the case we are going to list the address here and the phone number, but also a map as well.

702 Parkway Drive

Gatlinburg, TN 37738


As you can tell this is a place that is in a crowded space. However, finding the place on the Parkway and going in is definitely worth the time you are going to spend finding the place. That is why we have included the map to make it a little bit easier for you to find the location and if you are completely lost we have included the phone number as well, which will make it easier for you to find the place you are going to want to get your bottles of wine from.

What Does This Gatlinburg Winery Offer

  • This is a location, like the others that are in Gatlinburg, that is going to be selling the locally made wines from the region. This is going to make it easier for you to get the locally made wines. What is really nice is this is a location that does support the local growers and that will help out the entire economy and help keep all the local businesses open and that includes the winery, but also the vineyards that are growing the local grapes that have a tendency to have a sweet taste to them. I would chalk that up to the amazing mountain water they are able to get.
  • The location is actually fairly new so they are still going to have quite a good selection, but this will change as the destination gains popularity and with how many people love to drink wine it will be easy to see this is going to decrease no matter how much they order as the wine from Gatlinburg is very popular for some reason.
  • Finally, I have to say this place is going to be a great option because it is open seven days a week. This means you can easily go out and find your wine no matter what day you are coming to Gatlinburg. It is important, to check the hours though to make sure you go down during a time period they are able to sell based off of the laws, which could vary depending on the day you are in town and local ordinances.

What Did I Like About This Place

I like the fact this is a newer location. This means everything is going to have that new business feel, which I guess the closest I could relate this to would be the new car smell you get. So this will really help you out in getting to enjoy the place because it will be clean, nice, and sharp looking. This definitely is a major plus with this location and while the other locations are great as well, I really like the new feel because as I said you can compare it to a new car and see that it is going to be different than what you were in before.

Something else that I enjoy is the fact this place is open seven days a week. You may be asking why I like this fact, but I have to say I love it because it means I am able to get my wine no matter what day I am in town. This makes it quite a bit easier for me to get the wine and not have to worry about it being broken if I have it shipped to my house, I mean we have all see the way some of the package people handle packages. Thankfully, that is not all of them, but I would rather not take the chance.

What I Did Not Care For

Okay, I have to say the main thing that I did not care for here was the fact this place is limited in the years of selection. Now, I know this is mainly because they only opened in 2017, but the wines years are not as old as what I would have expected to see. However, this is not so much the shops fault as the popularity of the wine that is made in the Gatlinburg area.

My Final Thoughts On Gatlinburg Wine Cellar

Buying wine when I am on vacation is something that I do on a regular basis. However, I only buy the local wines because that is going to allow me to have a memory of the place that I went to. That is why I have to say Gatlinburg Wine Cellar is a decent place that is new and it does support a lot of the Gatlinburg winery area. However, when I travel to Gatlinburg, I look for a wide selection of items to bring home. Overall, this is a great place and one you can stop at and shop in.


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