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Economy Inn & Suites GatlinburgOkay, now I know the Economy Inn & Suites has a tendency to have a very bad name in the hotel business. Some of this is necessary as the brand is meant for travelers who are on a budget, but at the same time everyone is going to need to have a great place to stay at when they are traveling to Gatlinburg. With that being said, this is a hotel that has only a 3.9 star rating on TripAdvisor as of 7/2/16. However, this is a location that is very interesting because it is in town and is going to make it easier for you to get to all of the things that you want to get to when you are in Gatlinburg. I know that may not make sense at times, but you need to realize walking is key in Gatlinburg. So make sure you look at the different hotels and find ones that are close to town or you could pay through the nose for parking and even in trying to find a parking space. What is nice about the location is the fact that it is going to be close to town, but also has an outdoor pool that is seasonal.

A drawback to the Economy Inn & Suites Gatlinburg is the fact that it is a location that has a tendency to have some issues in cleaning the rooms as has been reported on TripAdvisor. Some people have even reported the location is a little bit on the dated side. However, all of this can be overlooked as the room to value ratio is rather high as a lot of people have reported when they are looking at this location.

Location Of Economy Inn & Suites

The location of the Economy Inn & Suites Gatlinburg is at:

208 Woliss Lane

Gatlinburg, TN, 37738

To reach this location you will want to go past the aquarium on the main Parkway. So you will want to make sure you do that or you could miss your next turn which is a left hand turn onto Cherokee Orchard Road. This will take you up a hill and you will want to go to the third street and then you will make another left onto Woliss Lane. Once you are on Woliss Lane, the location will be on your left hand side of the road.

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