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Read The Review Of Motel 6 Gatlinburg Smoky Mountains

Motel 6 Gatlinburg Smoky MountainsOkay, unfortunately not everyone is going to be able to stay close to the Parkway or even to the parts of town they want to be in. However, what you need to realize is their are plenty of places to choose from for you to stay at. With this article we are going to cover the Motel 6 Gatlinburg Smoky Mountains, which is an older location that is located not on the main strip, but a little bit away from the town. So it will be interesting to see if you want to have a location that is away from the road or if you are going to want to stay close to the town center or not.

Some of the positives that you will find is this is going to be this is a location that is going to be able to provide you with a short walk to some of the features on the part of town that is closer to the mountains. You will find the Brewery is within a 6 minute walk, but the aquarium, which is a location you may want to go to with your kids is going to be a 15 minute walk. So you need to take this into account or you could end up having a hard time in getting to enjoy your trip because you have kids complaining about how long the walk is. The Motel 6 Gatlinburg does have an outdoor pool, but the rating for the location is actually only a 3.1 from TripAdvisor.

As far as the Motel 6, though, the location is not blemish free as the reviews from has shown about the location. This is a location that does have some complaints and most of those complaints come from the different updates that needs to be made to the location. Some of them have revolved around the fact the paint is peeling, the floors are dirty, and in one room the visitor reported seeing holes in the walls.

Location Of The Motel 6 Gatlinburg Smoky Mountains

To reach this location you will find it can be a little bit easier than what you think.

309 Ownby Street

Gatlinburg, TN, 37738

The best way to get to this location is to past the aquarium in the middle of town and turn right onto River Road. If you want to take the more congested Parkway, you can, but this way is a little bit less traffic. You will want to take either road to Ski Mountain Road and this will make it easier for you to reach Ownby street.  Ownby street will turn off on the left hand side of the road and you will see the Motel 6 on the left hand side of Ownby street.

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