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Discover Dick’s Last Resort In Gatlinburg

Finding a restaurant in Gatlinburg is rather difficult at times because of all the choices you have available to make. This is when you may want to know more about places like Dick’s Last Resort in Gatlinburg and how these restaurants hold up when compared to some of the other places that you can select to eat from. With that being the case, here is our review of Dick’s Last Resort so you know if this will be a restaurant you will want to eat at or not.

Please note that Dick’s Last Resort is a place that is a chain style restaurant. So this should be something that you need to know about if you are trying to get to the locally owned or unique type of restaurants that Gatlinburg has become known for.

Hours And Location Of Dick’s Last Resort

The location of Dick’s is at:

903 Parkway

The hours for Dick’s Last Resort is going to be as followed:

Sunday – Thursday 11 AM – 10 PM

Friday and Saturday 11 AM – 11 PM

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What Is Our Favorite Dish At Dick’s Last Resort

The dish that we really like to eat each time that we are at Dick’s Last Resort is the 12 ounce Ride’m Cowboy Rib Eye. This is a steak that when the cooks get it cooked how you want it to be cooked is going to blow your mind. However, it is going to be a dish that you need to be cautious with as well because it is so good when it is cooked right that you may have some problems in trying to find something else on the menu to eat. So remember that when you are looking at the steak.

What Is Our Least Favorite Dish

Gatlinburg as we have noted in other restaurant reviews does not have any real fresh ocean seafood source nearby. Since that is the case we have a real issue with seafood dishes that are present at any restaurant in Gatlinburg. With that being said the one dish that we do not really care for that much is the Captn’ Dick’s Seafood Platter. Now the dish is decent, do not get us wrong their, but the dish just does not have the same appeal to us that a seafood dish from a restaurant in Boston or Portland would have with the easier access to fresh seafood.

Our Final Thoughts On Dick’s Last Resort Gatlinburg

This is a location that a lot of people have reviewed and said the drinks are completely stunning. With that being the case, you will enjoy the fact the restaurant is on the Parkway, but they do have decent food. So this makes the restaurant a great place. However, we definitely liked the brashness of the staff and the hats are quite funny. So even if you do not find the food up to the quality you would want to have you are going to notice the rest of the location makes up for any problems you may have.

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