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Find Out About Crystelle Creek In Gatlinburg

Crystelle Creek in Gatlinburg is one location that serves a lot of the regional American style of food. So this will definitely make it easier for you to find some great food that you are familiar with. However, if you are like us you want to know more about the restaurant before you decide to go into the place to eat. I know for my family that is very true as we have kids who are very picky eaters and you know how hard they can be to please at times! With that being the case we are going to review Crystelle Creek in beautiful Gatlinburg.

Location And Hours Of Crystelle Creek

The address for this excellent eatery in Gatlinburg is

1654 East Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours for the restaurant are as follows:

Everyday they are open from 3 PM until 9 PM.

What Type Of Dishes Are The Main Courses? 

The types of dishes that are on the menu at Crystelle Creek are your normal American style of dishes. These dishes will be the ones that you find filling, but also not overly heavy that you would want to go back to your hotel after an early dinner and sleep away the rest of the evening only to wake up at 4 in the morning and try to figure out what you could be doing.

What Is Our Favorite Meal Off The Menu?

This is a good question and definitely one that we are going to love to answer. Our personal favorite meal is going to start off with the appetizer. For some reason at almost any restaurant we are drawn to the mozzarella sticks. From Crystelle, the sticks are perfectly battered and usually cooked to perfection making it easier to enjoy the meal.

After we finish the appetizer we tend to lean towards the bigger steaks. So we tend to go for a medium 16 ounce T-Bone steak that has the perfect balance of meat and sides. The side is usually the soup of the day, they have amazing soups at the restaurant. The salad is decent, but we love the meat more than anything! With the side dish for the steak we tend to lean towards the Loaded Baked Potato, which definitely rounds out the meal for us. The dish does have Coleslaw served with it as well, but we tend to gravitate away from this as we do not really care for slaw that much from any restaurant.

What Is Our Least Favorite Dish? 

This has to be a close up because the restaurant does serve a wide selection of seafood. However, the seafood offerings they have are all locally sourced from the rivers and streams or at least the fish come from places that could be close by. With that being said, with all the Italian restaurants in Gatlinburg and Crystelle claiming to be a trout and steak destination, the dish that we do not really care for here is nothing more than the Vegetable Lasagna. Now it is not to do with the quality of the food or anything like that. Instead, it goes along with the fact this restaurant is mainly known for its meat and seafood servings. So obviously we are going to want to have the meat and the seafood to enjoy, not a lasagna that we can eat. but does not have the great meat taste we would want to have.

Our Final Thoughts On Crystelle Creek

This is a Gatlinburg staple that has some great food at a reasonable price compared to some of the other restaurants in the area or even in the bigger cities. A good example of that is the steak dish we mentioned would cost upwards of 50-75 bucks at a restaurant in Chicago. The quality of the food is very high and tends to make it easier for you to enjoy the food as well. In fact, the meals are not so heavy that you will not want to go out walking on the town after you get done eating. You just have to make sure you are ready to walk or if not ready to go back to your hotel to sit down and rest for a little bit before you start to walk again. Overall, a great restaurant in Gatlinburg to sit down and enjoy your meal, but with the hours only being from 3-9 you would have to make this a place for your dinner meal.

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