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Discover Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Gatlinburg

Bubba Gump Shrimp CompanyBubba Gump Shrimp Company is a restaurant that is located in Gatlinburg. However, it is a restaurant that tends to be seen as a higher class of restaurant because of the food that is served and the fact that it has the name Shrimp in the name. Is Bubba Gump a restaurant you would want to avoid when you are in Gatlinburg? Well, we are going to explore this and let you know as we do our review here so you can know if this is a restaurant for you to try out or if you need to consider a different restaurant while you are in Gatlinburg.



Location And Hours Of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Gatlinburg

The address for the Bubba Gump location is as follows:

900 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours for the restaurant is as follows:

Sunday to Thursday 11 AM until 10 PM

Friday and Saturday the location is open 11 AM until 11 PM.

Type Of Restaurant 

Bubba Gump for people that may not realize it is going to be a restaurant that is going to fall in the American style. However, what else you need to realize is this is a restaurant that will allow you to have more of a seafood type of twist. Yes, that makes this a very nice relief in the middle of Gatlinburg, a place that is not really near any sea as you can tell.

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What Was Our Favorite Menu Item

When you are at Bubba Gumps you may be tempted to glance over the shrimp and head to your comfort foods of burgers or other American foods that you are used to. However, this would be a HUGE mistake. Yes, I am not a seafood lover by any notion. However, I have found this is a restaurant that if you are eating here you need to eat the shrimp. Our favorite menu item is the Lt. Dan’s Drunken Shrimp. This is a great meal that has charcoal grilled shrimp, with Andouille Sausage. The food provides you with the great taste and even comes with mashed potatoes that makes your dish complete.

What We Did Not Like? 

The dish that we did not try, but were disappointed on seeing it on the menu is the All-American Burger & Fries. The reason why we do not like this being on the menu is we want to have the shrimp and be forced out of our comfort zone. This dish on the menu is only allowing people to get the chance to have an out to get out of the food and go back to the comfort zone.

Our Final Thoughts On Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. In Gatlinburg

The location is beautiful, the food is great, and being located in the middle of town really helps out a lot as well. When we look at this restaurant we are going to find that it is going to be a good one to go to. The restaurant will allow you to have a great taste of high end seafood while you are staying in the mountains. Bubba Gump is a great restaurant and one you will want to try out when you are traveling in Gatlinburg.


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