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Shopping for unique gifts while on vacation or a memorable item is always great to do. However, depending on where you are vacationing some of the gifts you buy may end up being no different than what you can find at home. When you are in Gatlinburg, you have plenty of options for gifts. One of those shops that you may want to explore is Celtic Heritage, which is an Irish or Scottish type of shop that is located in the Village Shoppes.  We decided it was time for us to go in and do our complete review of Celtic Heritage.

Location Of Celtic Heritage

As mentioned already Celtic Heritage is located in the Village Shoppes. Normally, I would just put that down, but I will tell you the shop is buried towards the back corner of the shoppes and is one of the further shops away from the parkway. So it may take some walking, but it does allow you to enjoy the location even more.

634 Parkway #26

Gatlinburg, TN 37738


Features Of Celtic Heritage

Has a wide variety of products that are unique gift ideas.

Is a shop that focuses on Ireland and Scotland more than other locations.

With the shop here the gifts are not overly large and easy to put into your luggage to bring home.

What I Like About Celtic Heritage

Cost Is Not Overly High

While I do not really care about the price too much when I am on vacation, I will mention that here the prices may seem high, but are not overly high. The best way that I can think of the products is if you go to Ireland and look at some of the items they would cost you more in most cases. So while the prices are high, I found the prices are competitive and seem to be good compared to what I have seen in other places.

Products Are Of Good Quality

Normally, I try to avoid buying anything that has been imported from other countries. However, I found the products that I buy that are imported from Europe, including Ireland and Scotland have a tendency to be of very good quality. That is no different than what I have found when I am looking at the products here is the quality of the products tends to be very good.

Generally The Gifts Fit In Your Luggage

This is one of the best features about the gifts you buy at Celtic Heritage. They tend to be on the smaller side and that means they actually fit into your luggage! Yes, I know it does not take a lot to get me excited, but it never fails that I leave the house with a lot already in the car, but when I am at my destination from Gatlinburg to Niagara Falls I always add more to the items to bring home. When I can find gifts that tend to fit into my luggage it definitely helps out and makes it a lot easier for me to get the items back home safe and sound.

What I Did Not Care For

It Is Difficult To Pick Out The Item To Buy

Now, this is a good and bad problem to have. That is the fact that I always find it very difficult to find the item that I want to purchase. What this tends to mean is that I always end up buying more than what I wanted to and when I get home it also means I am left scratching my head as to why I bought certain items and what I plan on doing with them.

My Final Thoughts On Celtic Heritage

Celtic Heritage is one of a couple of Irish type of gift shops in Gatlinburg and it is located in a beautiful part of town. However, I can tell you that the gifts that you find here are definitely of high quality and while they are smaller are very impressive. Overall, I have to say if you have any interest in Irish products or want to find yourself a great item or gift then you cannot really go wrong with Celtic Heritage.


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