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Carousel Gardens Gatlinburg

Carousel Gardens GatlinburgWe have covered some of the art galleries in Gatlinburg before and even some of the major shopping centers we have found Carousel Gardens in Gatlinburg to be one of those areas that you will want to check out. This is when you should know more about this location and the fact that it is one of those places that you can easily bypass at times because of the location, but also the way the shops are laid out. Just like most of the places in Gatlinburg that are a mall you will find this place is one that you go into the building and have access to several different shops at once. What else is great about this location is the fact that it is going to have a decent restaurant on the second floor as well for you to enjoy. So let us start our review of the Carousel Gardens in Gatlinburg so you can see if this is one of the shopping malls to check out when you travel to Gatlinburg.

Location Of The Shops At Carousel Gardens

While I do try to provide quite a bit in the way of directions to the locations, this is a shopping mall type of location. So you will want to realize that you can use these shops as a great point to congregate at and wait for your party as the location is at light 3. This is definitely going to make it quite a bit easier for you to find the location and know that you are going to easily be able to find the place and explore it. Since this is such an easy location in town to find and the official address is at light 3 it would be hard to get the map in place.

What Does The Gardens Offer

This is a place that you are going to love to check out because it has quite a few different shops inside of the mall to check out. In fact, you will find the Carousel Gardens shopping center has quite a few art shops as well. If you are in the mood for food you will find the second story has some great options as well. Overall, the variety of shops you can find here is going to provide you with everything that you would want to have in the dining that you are going to enjoy as well.

Ease of access is something else that you will like here. You may have never considered this before, but you will find where this shopping center is located it will definitely make it easier for you to find the place and know why we said you can use this as a point of reference if you want to meet with friends, without having to walk all the way down to the aquarium.

Art is alive when you are here as you will notice the Carousel Gardens has plenty of art galleries available. The pricing at the galleries is not that bad when you consider the price of great looking art. With that being considered in the factors you will find this is going to really help in getting to enjoy the great looking art pieces that you would want to have inside of your home.

What Does The Place Not Offer

I have to admit one thing that I really want to see here is going to be some of the best things is some additional parking. However,  I can definitely see why they have a limit on the number of parking spaces because so many people would be parking and go to the location for  just a few minutes and then walk to the rest of town. So it would be nice to have some extra parking, but I can definitely understand why you they have a limited number of parking spots.

My Final Thoughts On The Location

I have to say this is a location that has some great shops, but it also has some amazing specialty shops that are mainly going to work in art. This means it is going to be easier for you to find the place and know you are going to have a great trip. If you are not into art, though, you may find this place is not going to be the best place to go. Since this is the case, you will want to make sure you check this place out if you like art and have some time. If you are not a big fan of art or are pressed for time, then I would have to say Carousel Gardens may be a place that you can pass on.


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