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Glenn Cardwell Heritage Museum

When you are looking for a great museum to check out in Gatlinburg you may think the first that you can go is going to be the Sugarland Welcome Center. While this is a great place to go, you will find that it does not have all the local heritage that is in place that you can find for the Gatlinburg area. This is when you should know you need to check out the Glenn Cardwell Heritage Museum to help you in finding the best history lessons you can find about Gatlinburg and the region. On the downside, you will be saddened to see that Gleen Cardwell did pass away in 2017, but you can find a very welcoming tribute to the former park ranger on the Facebook page of the museum.

Location Of The Museum

If you are planning on trying to get to the museum you will find that it is very interesting for you to look at the different places that you can reach the museum. Since this is the case, you need to have the address and map to make it easier for you to find the place. Here is the address of the museum so you can find it.

2455 E. Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

What Does The Location Offer

This is a location that is going to actually take you through the history of Pittman Center. You may have never thought about this before, but when you are here you will be able to explore quite a bit about the history of this area. The museum is actually more of a heritage museum that you are going to love because it will help you out in getting a great trip that is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great time learning. With that being said, here is some of the items that you are going to be able to explore at the Glenn Cardwell Heritage Museum, which is one of the museums in Gatlinburg that you may want to take some time out to explore.

  • Artifacts that are from the area is one of those things that you will really like. These artifacts will help you see more about the region, but also helps you out in getting to explore the region even more than what you imagined without even leaving the museum.
  • Photographs can definitely speak a thousand words and I know that from looking at the Cades Cove books that I have bought from the visitors center. With that being the case, you will find the photographs that are here are definitely going to take you back in time and allow you to enjoy seeing the region like it was before it was built up.
  • Stories of the locals who are no longer around are recorded here as well. Some of the stories are the handwritten ones from the older generations that have been recorded, but others are the video recorded histories. No matter what the stories that are handed down here will allow you to see the Pittman Center area as a completely different region than what you imagined.

Our Final Thoughts On Glenn Cardwell Heritage Museum

Well, I have to say this is a lovely museum, but Glenn Cardwell did pass away in 2017 to late 2016. So it remains to be seen how long this will be open. In fact, the museum itself has the address listed for the school in the area. So you will find it can be hard to find the location and then the hours for this museum are limited. Overall, though, if you are looking for a decent museum that is exploring an area that is not Gatlinburg proper you may want to check out the Glenn Cardwell Heritage Museum.


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