5 Best Gatlinburg Hotels With An Indoor Pool For 2018




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5 Best Gatlinburg Hotels With An Indoor Pool For 2018

Smoky Mountains In FallWhen you are making your travel plans, you will often find one requirement your kids will announce very loudly is the hotel has a pool. I know that is something that my kids announce anytime I even mention thinking about going on vacation. Literally, I just whisper the word at night and it is like they have sonar that picks up vacation and the next morning they are asking can we stay in a hotel that has a pool! That really got me to thinking, if my own kids are doing this about any location that we talk about going on vacation to, I am sure anyone that travels to Gatlinburg gets the same thing from their kids. That is why I decided it was time to go out and rank the 5 best Gatlinburg hotels with an indoor pool for 2018.


1. The Park Vista

You may remember The Park Vista from the wildfire footage of the fire wrapping the hotel. However, what you need to realize is this is a place that has managed to have an amazing water park as well. Yes, you read that correctly a water park. This is going to provide you with hours of enjoyment and if you have your kids with you definitely going to make it easier for the kids to have a good trip because they have plenty to do with the water park. The water park is indoors and the best part is it will not only be made for kids. So you can have a great trip and after a long day in the mountains hiking or just enjoying the town you will have a chance to go down and enjoy the pools. If you are really in the mood you will like the fact that you can go down the water slides to make your enjoyment of the pool even better.

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2. Glenstone Lodge

When you are looking for a place located near the downtown region, but still has a great place for you to enjoy and some amazing indoor pools then you cannot pass up the Glenstone Lodge. This place has what some would call a water park as well and I would have to agree that the way the pool is laid out it will make it seem like a water park. The hotel does have some great rooms as well to help you out as well for the comfort you need to have. With this location, the pools, which do have an amazing look to them, do not have much else going for them and the vibe of the hotel can be improved as some people have said it feels like it can be a little bit on the negative side. Overall, though, this is a hotel that is comfortable and does have some great pools and a nice location that you can enjoy.

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3. Black Bear Inn & Suites

This is a place that really plays on the Black Bear name. However, I know that this is a place that has some comfortable rooms and the indoor pool is one that will be enjoyable as it has the glass that allows in the natural light. The good news is this makes it a little bit warmer when you are in town on a sunny day, which can actually give the pool area an almost sauna type of feel to it. The pool is nice and what is really great is the locatio here makes it very easy for you to walk into town and find the major attractions in just a few minutes, instead of it having to take you about 20 to 30 minutes to reach town.

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4. Sleep Inn & Suites

The Sleep Inn is a great hotel, but you will find it can take you a little bit to walk to town and it can leave your legs hurting when you do reach town. The hotel is up the road a little bit from light 5 and it will take about 20 minutes walk if you are like me to reach the light and sometimes you will find it is going to be even longer to walk back. The hotel does have some decent balconies, but for the most part, your view is the roadway and the mountains behind the hotel across the road or if you are on the other side of the hotel you do get a little bit of a view. The pool here is decent and so is the lazy river if you just want to float around. They do have a large enough area you can sit around the pool and look out of the greenhouse type of location you are in at the area around the place. Overall, as long as the pool is working right and heating right this place is one that you are sure to love for the location, quiet, and even the chance to float around the river.

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5. Sidney James Mountain Lodge

The Sidney James Mountain Lodge is a place that I like staying at, but I can tell you it is a place that is a little bit dated, but they are doing some major updating the last time I was at the location. However, the hotel is one that you need to realize has several pools for you to enjoy and I really like the indoor pool and the tunnel it has if you want to scare your kids. You will also enjoy the fact the hot tub is set back in an almost cave-like area to enjoy as well. What else is great is the fact this place has a good location as it is secluded up by the Park Vista almost, but close enough that it only takes about 10 minutes or so to walk back to town and if you do not want to walk you have a trolley stop right in front of the hotel that can make your trip even better. If you are staying here, I would recommend trying to get a room with a balcony as the creek sounds are amazing.

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How To Pick Which Hotel To Stay In

The challenge you will find is trying to pick from the great hotels that we have listed here. All of these are going to provide you with something great and amazing. What is even better is some of these hotels have more than an indoor pool as they have an actual water park! I have to say, that out of all the hotels you pick to stay in Gatlinburg they are all amazing and definitely will provide you with plenty of options on what you can do in Gatlinburg. Since that is the case, I have to say I really love our top rated hotel, The Park Vista, as the hotel of my choice, but any of the 5 best Gatlinburg hotels with an indoor pool for 2018 would be a great option for you.


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