Smoky Mountain Trout House Reviewed


Discover The Smoky Mountain Trout House

Gatlinburg has some restaurants that stand out as being a time proven place. One of those places is the Smoky Mountain Trout House. I know that each time I have been in Gatlinburg this restaurant has always been hopping and seems to always have a huge line. So this definitely makes it very easy to see this is one of the best restaurants in Gatlinburg and definitely a place that you are going to want to learn more about before you go to Gatlinburg.

Location And Hours Of Smoky Mountain Trout House

The Trout House is located at:

410 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of the Smoky Mountain Trout House is going to be the same each day of the week as it will be opening at

5 PM and closing at 9 PM each day.

What Is Our Favorite Menu Dish

The dish that we really love from the Smoky Mountain Trout House is actually one of those dishes that is going to make the restaurant famous. The dish and actually the meal layout that we like is going to be as follows and it generally does not change for us because we love it so much.


We actually like starting off our meals here with the fried mushrooms. Yes, that is right we like starting off with something outside of cheese sticks. That is probably because the last time we ate here this was not on the menu, but the mushrooms are a great substitute and easily something that we enjoy eating as a meal for the day.

After we have eaten the appetizer, we hope that our fish is coming soon because we love the pan fried mountain trout. Now you may think that is all you get, but you need to realize that because this is a meal it does come with our preferred house salad and if they have them the baked potato. If not we will settle for the french fries, but with the fish already being a kind of fried food we want to go to something a little bit healthier which is why we like the potato.

Now when we come to desserts we tend to want to get a feel for the islands. That means we tend to opt for the Key Lime Pie if they have any in. This pie is great tasting and it tends to give us some of the best food for a dessert. Even if we do not have room for it right away in our stomachs we like to take this back to the hotel with us to eat later on in the evening.

What We Did Not Really Care For

Now this is more of a personal choice for me because my brother used to make the best clam chowder I had ever eaten before. So the one dish that we do not like, mainly because my brother spoiled me rotten with his homemade chowder is the clam chowder. That is just our personal preference, though, and it is not really because the dish is bad, just I love my brothers more than anyone else’s clam chowder.

Our Final Thoughts On Smoky Mountain Trout HouseĀ 

If you are trying to find a great restaurant for seafood in Gatlinburg, then you need to check out Smoky Mountain Trout House. I know that this is a restaurant that we love each time we go back to Gatlinburg, but we love the fact that it is a seafood restaurant that is going to take and specialize and come through with what they are preparing. So this makes it easier for us to sit down and enjoy the food that we are eating because we know the dish is going to be what we want to have and that it is going to be properly prepared when we are eating it.

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