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Read The Review Of The Zoder’s Inn & Suites

Zoders Inn & SuitesZoder’s Inn is one of those locations that you could easily overlook because the location is older looking and for some people one of those places that looks dated and does not have a major chain name associated with it. Since this is the case, you may want to know more about the Zoder’s Inn & Suites. By knowing the information on this hotel, it will be easier for you to get the stay of a life time, but also start to know if the location is going to meet your needs or not. Without this information, you may have problems in finding the proper place to stay in because the location does not have the proper amenities you are looking for in the hotel. Either way, the Zoder’s Inn & Suites is highly rated and one of the better hotels in town, but also a great location for your family to stay at as well.

Location Of Zoder’s Inn & Suites

The address and directions for Zoder’s Inn & Suites is here:

402 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

To reach this location it is actually a lot easier than what people think. When you are coming into Gatlinburg from Pigeon Forge, you will see the location is going to be on your left hand side before you reach the main split of the roads at Mountain Mall. If you are coming back from the aquarium, it will be easy to find as well because you will want to go past the aquarium and head like you would be going to Pigeon Forge. You will see the hotel on your right hand side of the road.

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Exterior Features

  • Face it you are in the mountains and one thing you will want to do is have a picnic, but sometimes you do not want to go to the park to get the picnic. With Zoder’s Inn you will find their is a picnic area for you to enjoy.
  • Outdoor swimming is nice to do in the middle of summer, but you will find this is a great location that provides a quiet swimming pool for you to enjoy.
  • Creek views with some gorgeous balconies over the creek is another great feature that you will find enjoyable when you are going to be able to stay at this location.

Zoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & Suites

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  • Breakfast is often seen as one of the most important meals of the day, but what you need to realize is this is a location that has a beautiful breakfast area for you to enjoy eating your breakfast in.
  • A spa with an indoor pool, for the winter months is going to be a great thing to know about as well, because it will make it easier for you to enjoy yourself on the vacation you are taking.
  • Depending on if you are traveling with children or not, you will find that the pool even has a childrens area. This will make it easier for you to stay at the hotel and know your kids are safe when swimming in the pool.

Zoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & Suites

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Room Features

  • Some of the amenities are going to include a refrigerator and microwave that is present in the rooms.
  • Some of the rooms have a separate dining area so if you get food and bring it back to the room, you have an actual table instead of a little shelf or plate to hold in your lap.
  • Creekside balconies are another feature in some of the rooms and on the lower level the balconies are low enough it looks like you could reach down and touch the water.

Zoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & SuitesZoders Inn & Suites

What Others Say

Janice R has this to say about the location, “clean room with a patio on the creek.”

Kathy T has this to say, “indoor pool was fun.”

Alice N says this, “Great little motel for the price!”

As you can tell a lot of people are bragging about how good the location is, but also talking about how they enjoyed the clean rooms and great service. Not to mention, some people have found the pools to be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day hiking in the mountains.

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If you do not like Zoder’s Inn & Suites, then make sure you check out our other Gatlinburg hotels.



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