Review: An Unforgettable Stay at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek




Review: An Unforgettable Stay at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek


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I’m not a stranger to the ins and outs of traveling, and I always find myself looking for a unique experience when I decide to get away. My most recent adventure took me to the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, a serene and beautiful area, and the home to The Lodge at Buckberry Creek. Nestled on a mountain ridge with an expansive view of the Smokies, the lodge provides a luxurious getaway in Gatlinburg that you can’t get just anywhere. The Lodge, designed to reflect the East Coast’s opulent “Great Camps,” is a real treat for those who crave a taste of the grandeur associated with these retreats.

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek

How to Reach The Lodge at Buckberry Creek

Located in the scenic landscape of the Smoky Mountains, The Lodge at Buckberry Creek is easily accessible for those traveling by car or plane. Let’s walk you through the simple ways to reach this serene paradise.

Address: The Lodge at Buckberry Creek, 961 Campbell Lead Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738-4326

By Car:

If you are traveling from Knoxville, take the I-40 East. You will then need to exit onto US-321 S in Newport via exit 435. Continue on this route towards Gatlinburg for about an hour. Upon reaching Gatlinburg, turn right onto Cherokee Orchard Road, and continue until you reach Campbell Lead Road on the left. The Lodge at Buckberry Creek is located on your right after a short drive uphill.

By Plane:

The closest airport is Mc Ghee Tyson Airport, which is about 26 miles away. From the airport, you can rent a car or take a taxi to Gatlinburg. The journey typically takes around an hour, depending on traffic. Follow US-129 S and then take the I-40 East. From there, you will follow the same directions as driving from Knoxville.


Should you encounter any issues while traveling or if you need further assistance with directions, please do not hesitate to call the Lodge at Buckberry Creek at 1-865-430-8030. Our friendly and helpful staff are more than ready to help you reach your destination. They look forward to welcoming you to The Lodge at Buckberry Creek!

Design and Quality of The Lodge at Buckberry Creek

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek, inspired by the “Great Camps” of the Adirondacks, is an epitome of grace and timeless elegance. It presents a unique blend of luxury, rustic charm, and comfort. The design is a seamless integration of grandeur architecture, superior quality, and a profound respect for nature.

Architectural Style:

The architecture of the lodge evokes an Adirondack-style aesthetic, popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries among the wealthy families of the East Coast. The design features high ceilings, exposed wood beams, and grand stone fireplaces, creating a cozy, warm ambiance. Each suite has its private balcony, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Smoky Mountains.

The building, nestled high above Gatlinburg, Tennessee, houses 14 luxury-suite rooms ranging from 600 to 750 square feet. The design showcases an acute attention to detail, reflecting an era of craftsmanship long passed but not forgotten.

Quality of Accommodation:

The rooms at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek are testament to the resort’s commitment to high-quality accommodations. The décor is refined and stylish, yet comfortable and inviting. Each room is well-equipped with a variety of amenities including fireplaces for those chilly mountain evenings, air conditioning for the warmer summer days, a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator, and a flat-screen TV for entertainment.

The bathrooms feature separate showers and Jacuzzi tubs, giving guests the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. The Lodge offers suites with both King and Double beds, accommodating the needs of different guests. Quality linens and comfortable furnishings ensure a restful and luxurious stay.

Property Maintenance:

Despite a significant loss from a fire, the remaining building – The Woods – stands strong as a testament to the quality of its construction and ongoing maintenance. It is evident that the management takes great care to maintain the property, preserving the rustic charm while providing modern comforts and conveniences.

The cleanliness of The Lodge at Buckberry Creek also merits mention. The rooms and common areas are impeccably maintained, with high cleanliness ratings from guests attesting to the staff’s dedication to creating a clean, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

In conclusion, The Lodge at Buckberry Creek stands as a symbol of outstanding design and quality. Its harmonious blending of rustic architecture, luxury accommodations, and attention to detail contributes to an unparalleled lodging experience in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

Key Features and Functionality of The Lodge at Buckberry Creek

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek offers a variety of key features and functionalities that make it a standout accommodation option in Gatlinburg. From the luxury suites and excellent location to outdoor amenities, this Lodge has it all. Here’s a closer look at these features:

1. Luxury Suites:

The Lodge offers 14 luxury suites that are designed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Each suite ranges from 600 to 750 square feet and features a distinct design element that carries a rustic yet luxurious charm. Key features in the suites include fireplaces for cozy nights, private balconies for splendid mountain views, bathrooms with separate showers and Jacuzzi tubs, and modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator.

2. Location:

One of the key features of The Lodge at Buckberry Creek is its prime location. Less than 2 miles away from the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it serves as an excellent base for guests who wish to explore the park’s beauty. Furthermore, its close proximity to downtown Gatlinburg ensures guests can enjoy local attractions, shopping, and dining options without the need for extensive travel.

3. Outdoor Amenities:

The Lodge at Buckberry Creek understands the allure of outdoor living in the mountains. To capitalize on this, they have a firepit overlooking the stunning Mt. LeConte, which serves as a great spot for guests to unwind and relax. It gives visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors right from the comfort of the hotel.

4. Complimentary Services:

The Lodge provides free high-speed internet (WiFi) throughout its premises. This allows guests to stay connected with their personal and professional lives. Additionally, the Lodge offers complimentary parking to all its guests, an added convenience for those traveling with their own vehicle.

5. Room Variety:

Understanding that each guest might have unique needs, The Lodge offers a variety of room types. This includes non-smoking rooms, family rooms, and suites, giving guests the flexibility to choose according to their preferences and requirements.

6. Meeting Rooms:

For business travelers or those looking to host events, The Lodge at Buckberry Creek offers meeting rooms. This feature is perfect for those who want to combine work with pleasure, in the middle of a scenic mountain setting.

To summarize, The Lodge at Buckberry Creek combines the charm of rustic design with modern amenities, an excellent location, and a range of features aimed at enhancing guest experience. The functionality of these features ensures a memorable and comfortable stay for all types of travelers.

Comparison with Similar Hotels

When choosing a hotel in Gatlinburg, several options offer a similar mix of amenities, location, and a natural, serene ambiance. In comparing The Lodge at Buckberry Creek with some of these comparable properties, certain distinctions become apparent.

1. The Park Vista – A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel – Gatlinburg

The Park Vista offers a recognizable brand name and a host of amenities, including an on-site restaurant, fitness center, and indoor pool. However, its layout is more of a traditional hotel with multiple stories and numerous guest rooms. This contrasts with the intimate, cabin-style feel of The Lodge at Buckberry Creek. While The Park Vista’s rooms are modern and comfortable, they lack the individual fireplaces and private balconies that make the suites at Buckberry Creek so unique.

2. Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa

Westgate Resort & Spa is another comparable hotel in Gatlinburg, offering a blend of rustic charm and modern conveniences. Similar to Buckberry Creek, it features a mountain setting and cabins-style accommodations. However, Westgate provides a more comprehensive list of amenities, including an on-site restaurant, spa, water park, and fitness center. It also boasts larger accommodations, including one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas. While this may be a perk for larger groups or families, the intimacy and exclusive luxury-suite rooms of Buckberry Creek might be more appealing for couples or those seeking a quieter, more secluded stay.

3. Bent Creek Golf Village

Bent Creek Golf Village, located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, offers a different experience. While not a traditional hotel, it offers condominium-style accommodations with fully equipped kitchens, separate living and dining areas, and the added perk of a golf course on-site. However, unlike The Lodge at Buckberry Creek, it lacks the distinctive charm of the Adirondack architectural style and the exquisite location with stunning views of Mt. LeConte.

In conclusion, while each property offers unique benefits, The Lodge at Buckberry Creek distinguishes itself with its blend of rustic charm, luxurious accommodations, key features like private fireplaces and balconies, and a prime location near both the Smoky Mountains National Park and downtown Gatlinburg. This unique blend makes it an exceptional choice for those seeking both luxury and authenticity in their mountain getaway.

Pros And Cons

  • Luxurious Accommodations: The Lodge offers luxury-suite rooms featuring fireplaces, private balconies, and bathrooms with separate showers and Jacuzzi tubs, offering guests a level of comfort and luxury.
  • Stunning Views: The hotel is situated high above Gatlinburg, providing guests with spectacular views of the Smoky Mountains, particularly of Mt. LeConte.
  • Unique Design: The Adirondack architectural style gives the property a distinctive rustic charm that enhances the overall experience.
  • Prime Location: Less than 2 miles from the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Gatlinburg, guests are perfectly positioned to explore the area.
  • Quiet and Secluded: Despite its proximity to downtown Gatlinburg, the hotel offers a peaceful and serene environment for guests to relax and unwind.
  • Excellent Cleanliness and Service: The hotel is noted for its high standards of cleanliness and service, providing a pleasant stay for its guests.
  • No On-site Restaurant: The original restaurant was lost to a fire and hasn’t been rebuilt, which could be an inconvenience for guests.
  • Limited Amenities: Compared to larger resorts in the area, the Lodge has fewer amenities (e.g., no pool, spa, fitness center, etc.).
  • Limited Room Variety: All rooms are luxury suites, with most featuring a King bed. This might not suit families or groups who might require a wider variety of room options.
  • Price: The Lodge is a luxury accommodation, and the price per night reflects this. It may not fit within all budgets.
  • Variable Mattress Comfort: Some guests have reported the beds could be more comfortable.
  • Aftermath of Fire: The Lodge is still recovering from a devastating fire, and some areas, including the smell of smoke on the balconies, can still reflect this.

Genuine User Experiences

At The Lodge at Buckberry Creek, guest experiences are as diverse and colorful as the surrounding Smoky Mountains themselves. The lodge’s close proximity to nature is highlighted by thrilling encounters with local wildlife. Some guests have shared exciting tales of spotting mama bears and their cubs in the parking lot. This offers an immediate reminder of the lodge’s deep roots in the natural world, though it also serves as a cue for guests to maintain a respectful and cautious distance from these wild residents.

On the topic of dining, although the 2016 fire led to the absence of a local restaurant within the property, it hasn’t dampened the culinary spirits of the guests. Many have found solace in the plenitude of delightful eateries in the nearby vicinity, turning each meal into an exploration of local flavors and cuisines.

The strategic location of the Lodge is also a crucial highlight for many. Nestled near The Great Smoky Mountains, the lodge provides a perfect base for adventurers eager to discover the splendors of the park. The scenic drives, enchanting hikes, and captivating wildlife viewing opportunities are all but a stone’s throw away.

When it comes to the lodge’s accommodations, the unanimous praise is for the stunning views. Guests frequently mention the awe-inspiring vistas they wake up to, with the Smoky Mountains unfurling in all their glory right from the comfort of their rooms. Whether it’s the tranquil dawn or the golden hues of the setting sun, the panoramic scenes offered by the lodge are certainly a sight to behold.

While the Lodge provides an array of amenities, some guests advocate for a touch of self-preparation. Bringing along your favorite snacks and breakfast food, as well as a selection of videos for leisurely evenings, is seen as an enhancement to the overall experience. With these personal touches, guests can add an extra layer of comfort and convenience to their stay, making their time at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek feel even more like a home away from home.

Tips and Tricks for Your Stay at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek

Here are some tips and tricks from previous guests to help you get the most out of your stay at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek:

  1. Wildlife Awareness: The Lodge is nestled in the mountains, and wild animals, including bears, might be seen in the area. Always be aware of your surroundings and never feed or approach the wildlife.
  2. Dining Options: As there’s no restaurant on-site due to a past fire, plan your meals accordingly. Fortunately, there are plenty of dining options nearby in downtown Gatlinburg.
  3. Location, Location, Location: Take full advantage of the Lodge’s close proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains. There are countless hiking trails and nature spots to explore.
  4. Best Views: All rooms at the Lodge offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. No matter which room you choose, you’re in for a scenic treat!
  5. Pack Accordingly: Remember to bring snacks, breakfast foods, and plenty of entertainment such as books or videos. This will help ensure your stay is comfortable and entertaining, especially during the evenings when you might prefer to cozy up in your suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the check-in and check-out times at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek?

Check-in at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek is from 4 PM, and check-out is until 11 AM.

Is parking available at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek?

Yes, free private parking is available on site (reservation is not needed).

Are pets allowed at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at The Lodge at Buckberry Creek.

When will they rebuild?

Rebuilding plans are underway, however, a specific timeline hasn’t been provided. The lodge currently operates with one building that was unaffected by the fires.

What amenities are provided, and what do I need to bring?

The Lodge provides basic amenities including bed linens, towels, and a kitchen equipped with basic utensils. However, it’s recommended to bring extra amenities such as toiletries and snacks according to your needs.

What is the average price per night?

The price can vary depending on the season and room type, but guests have reported paying around $180 per night. For the most accurate pricing, it’s best to contact the Lodge directly or check their website.

Can you see the fire-damaged buildings from the current rooms?

No fire damage is visible from the rooms. While there is one concrete structure on the property, it’s cleaned up and out of the way, so no views are blocked.

Have the rebuilding efforts begun, and is there a plan to rebuild?

Yes, the owners of The Lodge at Buckberry Creek have stated that they are planning to rebuild. In the meantime, they continue to operate with one building that was not affected by the fires.


The Lodge at Buckberry Creek offers a unique and luxurious experience for guests. With its rustic design and modern amenities, the lodge is a true gem in the Smoky Mountains. However, prospective guests should be aware that some amenities, like a restaurant, are currently unavailable due to a past fire. Despite this, I find The Lodge a worthy place to stay, particularly for those who appreciate natural beauty and seek a serene retreat. With the national park nearby and downtown Gatlinburg just a short drive away, it’s the perfect base for an unforgettable mountain getaway.


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