Paul Murray Gallery Review – Gatlinburg Attraction




Paul Murray Gallery Review - Gatlinburg Attraction


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Paul Murray Gallery 

Paul Murray Gallery - Gatlinburg Attraction SignFinding the best Gatlinburg attraction can be a lot easier than what you imagined. However, what you will find is you have a wide selection of attractions to see and we know that can make it very difficult for you to find the best place to go and visit because you are going to only be in town for a limited amount of time. This is when you should know that when you travel to Gatlinburg, you will be making several trips back, I can almost guarantee you that because the town seems to call back to you. Well, at least that was my case as I wanted to get a great time and one that is easy for me to get to. Since that is the case, we try to make the most out of each of our vacations in Gatlinburg. To that end, we are going to review the Paul Murray Gallery here to let you know if this is a place that will work for your vacation and what to expect if you do go here.

Location Of Paul Murray Gallery

Well, just like all the locations in Gatlinburg you need to know where they are located for you to find them to make sure you make it to the place. However, what you will find that this is another place that is not right in the middle of town on the Parkway. Yes, that means it is going to require you to get out of town, but it is well worth getting out of town to see this place because it is that good. Since that i the case we are going to do our usual of providing you with the address and map.

1003 Glades Rd.

Gatlinburg, TN 37738


As you can see this is on Glades Road, which is a great drive, but it also makes it easier for you to explore more o the town without having to go into the mountains or the park if you want to avoid the park, which I cannot understand why, until we hit the crowds in Cades Cove one day.

What Does The Gallery Offer

  • When you are going to this gallery you will have a chance to meet not only the artist, but his wife as well. This is definitely something that is completely different than what you will find at a lot of the places you would have been traveling to. So this is a plus because it allows for a more personal connection with the artworks.
  • You have a chance to look at the artworks, many of which are for sale, and know that you will have a chance to purchase them. What is even more amazing is the pictures and paintings that are in the gallery are going to tell a tale that you would never have been able to get before and this makes it easier for you to have a piece of art that has a meaning.
  • Depending on the time that you are in the location you will find that it is going to have some of the different classes that are being offered by the master himself. These classes are definitely worth the time to take and you can find out about the art that is simply amazing. If you do want to get a list of the latest classes you will want to check out the Paul Murray Facebook page here.

What I Enjoy About The Gallery

Meeting The Artist

As an artist myself I know that it is very difficult to make time to do everything you need and meet with your clients as well. However, I love the fact that he cares so much about his works that he has produced that he is able to go out and spend some time meeting with the people that he has sold artworks to. So this is definitely something that I not only like, but have quite a bit of respect for him for doing.

Great Pieces That Are Amazing

The works of art that you will get from the gallery here are easily among the best that you can find. I know that I have had some works in a small gallery that where I grew up and they were only display pieces. However, here you will find the pieces that are present are definitely going to be the pieces that you will want to bring home and display because they are telling a story and you can read the story out of the paintings that are being told, like some of the masterpieces.

Educational Classes 

As we mentoned in the things that the gallery offers you will notice that he does offer classes throughout the year. These classes may not be something that you would think about taking before, but I have to say if you are in town during these classses and they are not full you should definitely give one of them a try because they will teach you something. Even if you are an artist already you may find the classes will help you out in learning how to perfect your art even more.

What I Did Not Care For

Can Be Busy At Times

While this is a good thing if you are the artist, it is a bad thing if you are trying to look for some of the pieces of art. That is because you are going to find the crowds can be a little bit on the antsy side at times and that is because the gallery is not huge like if you are in the Metropolitan Art Museum, but it is a smaller gallery that is meant for small groups which will help you in finding the pieces of art you want to have.

My Final Thoughts On The Paul Murray Gallery

If you are looking for a great piece of art then you will want to check out the Paul Murrray Gallery. This is a place that is not only seen as a museum, but is a great art gallery as well. This means you can easily find the great piees of art you want to find. At the same time, you will notice that you have a cahnce to meet the artist himself. This has definitely added quite a bit of credibility to this place and I have to say when you travel to Gatlinburg and want to have some great times exploring art make sure you check out the Paul Murray Gallery.


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