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Discover The Papa John’s In Gatlinburg

We have been covering a lot of the pizza restaurants and Italian locations lately in Gatlinburg. However, what we have found is even in Gatlinburg they have one pizza chain restaurant that almost everyone has been able to find in any city. That is because the pizza is crazy good and the recipes from the restaurants seems to match all over the place no matter where you are going in the middle of the country from Seattle to Gatlinburg to New York. This makes it easier for you to find a great pizza restaurant at any turn of the country. With that being the case you need to now more about Papa John’s in Gatlinburg because it is another pizza restaurant that is in Gatlinburg.

Location And Hours Of Papa John’s Gatlinburg

The location and hours of the Papa John’s location is going to be at:

466 Brookside Village Way Suite 1

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of the location for Papa John’s in Gatlinburg is going to be as follows:

Sunday – Thursday 10 AM until 12 AM.

Friday and Saturday it is open from 10 AM – 2 AM.

What Our Favorite Pizza Is From The Papa John’s In Gatlinburg

Now this is a menu option that is considered to be at the local location and that is the Double Bacon Six Cheese pizza. This pizza is not one that our local Papa John’s location has, but it is a pizza that we are going to love because we love the bacon and throw in the fact this is a pizza with six cheeses as well it is going to amaze us. So we really love the fact this is a pizza that we are able to get the food that we love with bacon and cheese combined. Not to mention our kids tend to love this pizza as well and this makes it easier for our kids to have a great meal that they are going to enjoy as well.

What Did We Not Like About This Papa John’s Location

We love Papa John’s and the one thing that we did not really care for at this location is the Cinnamon Pull Aparts. This is not because the food was not good because honestly it is very good. It is more because we are in a hotel room and trying to get a 3 year old to clean his hands in a hotel room without wiping them all over everything is nearly impossible. So that is the only reason we do not get this menu item is the mess it creates with a 3 year old!

Our Final Thoughts On Papa John’s Gatlinburg

As we have mentioned this is a pizza restaurant and it is a chain restaurant. So we are going to say that we love the location, but you need to realize it is just like most of the other pizzas you can get anywhere else while you are traveling. The plus is you do not have to worried about the quality of the pizza or being disappointed in what you are getting because you are probably familiar with the pizzas that are made here. Either way we have to say this is a good location for some good food and at a price you are probably familiar with as well. If you want to get some food that you are familiar with, then you cannot really go wrong with this location.


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