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Old Creek LodgeOld Creek Lodge makes a place seem old, but the lodge part makes me think of the older lodges that I see on the travel shows for Switzerland. However, this place is neither of these and it actually is a place that is going to be a great romantic getaway location for you to enjoy looking at. While I know that until I started looking for this website, I had never seen this place before. The best part is the location is perfect as it is going to be located on one of the creeks that comes through the middle of Gatlinburg, but it also is a location that will provide you with the quick walk to the aquarium, food, and shopping. So this is going to be a great place for you to go to and know you can have a great time because of where you are located next to everything.

Location Of Old Creek Lodge

The address of Old Creek Lodge is here.

680 River Rd

Gatlinburg, TN, 37738

To reach the Old Creek Lodge, you will find that it is actually quite a bit easier than what you would think. In fact all that you have to do is turn right onto River Road in the middle of town, which is quite easy to do because you are going right instead of left. Then you will follow the road down a little ways and you will see the Old Creel Lodge on the right hand side of the road in some of the gentle curves that are present on the road.

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What We Liked At Old Creek Lodge

When you are staying at Old Creek Lodge you are going to quickly notice they are going to have quite a few different things for you to enjoy. The problem is you will also notice this is a place that has a lot of the same amenities and features as some of the other hotels in the region. Since this is the case, we decided to share what we really liked about the Old Creek Lodge.

The main thing that we liked is the fact that the rooms are extremely cozy. This means you will have a chance to enjoy the room with your family, but you also need to realize the rooms have a romantic touch to them as well. The romantic touch makes the Old Creek Lodge a perfect destination for couples who are trying to get some time together, but also makes it a great place for you to venture into as a family.

When you are staying at Old Creek Lodge you will find it is rather easy to enjoy the pool as well. The pool area is very enjoyable, but you need to realize this is a pool that is meant for the seasonal aspect. Since this is seasonal if you are staying at the hotel outside of the summer time you may not be able to partake in the pool.

What We Did Not Like About Old Creek Lodge

As with a lot of the hotels that are located in Gatlinburg that are not part of the national chains for hotels it is older and needs some updating. However, the main issue is the shower when you have the curtain pulled closed, which we recommend since the water can get on the floor at times, is it is very dark. So you will want to make sure you practice taking showers without all the bathroom lights on before you go to the location. Outside of that we have no real complaints about Old Creek Lodge.

If you do not like Old Creek Lodge, please check out our other great Gatlinburg hotels.

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