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Discover The Mountain Edge Grill In Gatlinburg

Trying to find a low key place to eat in Gatlinburg can be a challenge because you have so many different places to select to eat from. However, you may not want to go to some of the places that are going to have the look that they require you to wear a suit and tie to get into. The good news is almost no places in Gatlinburg have a dress code for you to go to and enjoy a meal, which is a good thing since we usually stop after hiking in the mountains for food. What is even better is this location has great food, like most of the places in Gatlinburg and it is food that you are going to recognize.

Hours Of Operation And Location Of Mountain Edge Grill

The location is going to be found at the following address:

631 Parkway B4

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of operation will be as follows:

Monday – Saturday 11 AM – 8 PM

Sunday they are closed.

What Is Our Favorite Meal From Mountain Edge Grill In Gatlinburg

Our favorite meal is going to start off with a couple of different appetizers that we really like. However, the meal is good even without the appetizer, but we are putting out our meal and thanks to my husband at this restaurant we usually end up getting a couple of appetizers. The ones that we tend to get is the mozzarella sticks and the potato skins.

After we finish up the appetizer we tend to concentrate on our favorite burger and that is the Appalachian Trail burger. This burger is one that you may not be used to eating, but it is a half pound all beef steak burger that is covered with onion rings and bleu cheese crumbles. The burger itself is great, but when you top the fries that come with the burger with the cheese it is going to be a stunning meal that you will not look back on.

What We Did Not Like

Now this was a challenge because we liked almost everything that we found at Mountain Edge Grill. However, we did look around and started to look for something that we did not really care for on the menu and that was hot dogs. Yes, we know that this is a great meal, but when we are traveling we do not want to have hot dogs unless it is from some place that was made famous on television by Food Network. So the hot dogs, which are good, did not really impress us much on the menu.

Our Final Thoughts On The Mountain Edge Grill

When you look at Gatlinburg you will generally find the food is going to be outstanding and it is going to be very difficult to pick out the right place to eat at. However, if you want a place that is fairly low key with great food that you can enjoy, then you will want to consider the Mountain Edge Grill. We were pleasantly surprised by this location and have to admit the food is outstanding and definitely something that you will enjoy and know that you are getting a meal that is going to fill you up for the remainder of your evening or day.

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