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The Greenbrier Restaurant is one of those places that was not affected by the Gatlinburg fires, even when the places a little over a half mile away are completely burnt to the ground. Since that is the case and we have confirmed on social media that the restaurant is open and serving food now we have decided it is time for use to launch our review of of Greenbrier Restaurant. This review will make it easier for you to know if you will enjoy eating at the Greenbrier Restaurants in Gatlinburg or not.

Location And Hours Of Operation For The Greenbrier Restaurant

As was mentioned the restaurant was very close to where the fires went through so you know it is in one of the harder hit areas. However, the address for the Greenbrier Restaurant is here:

307 Newman Road.

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of operation are still pretty much the same as they have always been and are listed below:

Sunday – Thursday 4:30 PM until 9 PM

Friday and Saturday 4:30 PM until 10 PM.

What Makes Our Meal At The Greenbrier? 

Well outside of the super friendly staff that seems willing to bend over backwards to help you, the food is the best part. With that being the case, we are going to take you through what tends to be our favorite meal when we are eating at the Greenbrier and that will make it easier for you to know what we like and if you have tried any of our food menus before, then you know that we do not steer you wrong.

Our starting for any of the meals that we get for some reason always tends to be the mozzarella sticks. At the Greenbrier these are called cheesesticks, but the concept and the  food taste is the exact same. So it is easy to see why this is the dish that we really like to start our meals off with. What else helps out is the fact this is a dish that is pretty hard to screw up and since we get it at every restaurant we go to it is easy to judge the quality of the food.

The main entree that we have found to be great from the Greenbrier is going to be the Fresh Mountain Trout. This is a dish that we really like because it is the fresh trou that could have been swimming around in the mountains near you. What else we really like with the meal is the twice baked potato as the side dish.

What Dish Did We Not Like?

The one dish that we do not really care for at the Greenbrier restaurant is the Deep Fried Lobster. While we are sure this is a type of dish that appeals to some people, we do not really like the deep fried taste of the lobster. So this is definitely something that we are going to want to make sure you know it is our personal taste and it is good food, but not the food that we would want because we do not deep fry our lobster normally.

Our Final Thoughts On The Greenbrier In Gatlinburg

This is definitely a restaurant that you are going to want to try. The restaurant is going to allow you to have some of the best food that you can find in the Smokies, but it will also make it easier for you to get the food that you have dreamed of having as well while you are traveling. The staff is friendly as well and if you have any questions they are generally able to answer anything that you have to ask before you order. So make sure you get clarification on your questions before you order something on the menu and are not sure what you are getting.

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