Hollywood Stars Cars Museum – Gatlinburg Review




Hollywood Stars Cars Museum - Gatlinburg Review


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Discover Hollywood Stars Cars Museum – Gatlinburg Attraction

Hollywood Stars Cars Museum - Gatlinburg ReviewWhen you decide to travel to Gatlinburg, but do not want to spend the entire week in the mountains, you need to realize the place has plenty of other things for you to do and see. Some of those things are going to be things you will want to do time and time again, but sometimes the Gatlinburg attractions could be something you read about online and thought it sounded like it would be a good time for a short little vacation. That is exactly what you are going to get when you start to explore all of Gatlinburg and take time to look around. One of those great gems you will find could even be the Hollywood Stars Cars Museum, which is what we are going to cover here. Then you are going to know if this will work for the trip you are going to be taking or if you need to consider adding the attraction to the next Gatlinburg vacation you have.

Location Of The Hollywood Stars Cars Museum

Well, I have to say I could tell you about this museum until I am blue in the face, but if you do not know where it is located it will not do you a bit of good. So, the first thing that I am going to cove like I do with all the different reviews that I have done is provide you with the address of the location. I also have started to provide you with the maps as well, which will help you in finding the museum and the best part is the last time I checked on my phone the map is mobile friendly as well! So you will be able to use it while you are walking down the Parkway and looking for the museum. Since this is the case here is the address.

 914 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738


As you can tell from the map this museum is located in the downtown Gatlinburg region. So it will be very easy for you to find the place, but also you will see there are quite a few parking lots in the area as well. This will make it easier for you to park your car and go into the town and know you will not end up getting lost, except if you decide to go into some of the amazing restaurants on the Parkway.

What Does This Place Offer?

  • This is a museum that is going to have a lot of the cars that you may have seen in the movies before. However, it will also make it easier for you to have a great trip because you will be able to find the cars you grew up seeing. One of those cars could even be the DeLorean that you would remember and even kids of the generation today have a tendency to remember as being the car from the movie Back to the Future. So this is definitely going to be a good thing because they have quite a few of the cars you may recall.
  • Affordability of the place is something else you will like with this museum. While you will notice some of the prices on the strip are overpriced, in my opinion, for what you get to do, this place is reasonable. What is even better is if you take the price of this location with some of the local coupons that you can find in the hotels or in the information booths, the official welcome booths not the ones outside of the condos it allows you to have an even more affordable visit to this amazing attraction.
  • Time to bond as a family and remember the shows together that the cars were in, but also a chance to get to see the cars in person. What is even better for a lot of the parents is the chance to educate the kids on some of the movies or shows the cars were in and the impact they played in their life as to why the cars are important. Then the parents have a chance to go back to the hotel or their home if they are leaving soon and look the movies or shows up on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or whatever service they are using and stream the videos off of the playback they have available to them.

What I Like About The Location

The history of these cars that are in the museum is definitely going to top my list of things that I love about this museum. While I normally would not say this about a car museum, I like this one because it brings back memories of the good shows and movies that were on television. This has quite an impact and actually allows me to reflect quite a bit on the wholesome shows that were on television at the time. So I do not have to be concerned about forgetting about these memories because I just have to look at the cars time and time again.

The variety of the cars is one of the other things I enjoy here. While you will have some places, like the Bubble Car Museum in Belfast, England, that focuses on one type of car you will find this place does not do that outside of the cars are famous from Hollywood fame. So this is definitely going to be something that you are going to want to consider because these cars are going to be ones that you actually have seen on the stage before, but also going to be ones that you will want to learn about and will be different from one car to the next compared to some museums that have the same car in each aisle.

What I Did Not Care For

Some of the cars did not live up to the hype. While it is easy to see that some of the cars are replicas, some of them are not. The disappointing fact is not all of the cars are going to live up to the hype and that can be disappointing when you are trying to have a good time in the museum only to end up disappointed because the hotel did not come up to the standard that you were expecting it to.

My Final Thoughts On Hollywood Stars Cars Museum

This is a great museum that you may enjoy if you are a car movie fan or a car fan. However, if you are not really into either one of those genres then you could find it is going to be difficult to get involved and have interest in the museum. The other thing is the museum tends to focus quite a bit on the shows and actors involved, which will drum up some hype for the fans of the shows, but not everyone will be interested in this aspect. Overall, I would say this is a Gatlinburg attraction you may enjoy one time when you travel to Gatlinburg, but I would not have the Hollywood Stars Cars Museum high on my personal list of attractions to see.


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