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Rainbow Falls - Gatlinburg Waterfalls


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Discover Only The Best Gatlinburg Waterfalls

Travel To GatlinburgGatlinburg is simply a stunning city for the shopping and mountains, but something else you are going to love is the Gatlinburg waterfalls that are close by to the city. These waterfalls are typically located out of the city itself and are in the mountains, but they are definitely worth going out and seeing. I know that for me I really love the fact this is a location that has a wide number of waterfalls to go out and see. With that being said, it can be confusing to find the best waterfalls that are close by to visit when you travel to Gatlinburg. So, which one of these stunning beauties that is present in nature should you go out and visit? Well, we are about to cover that with the 5 best waterfalls to visit near Gatlinburg article that I am going to launch into here.

How Did I Narrow Down The List

Well, I did quite a bit of research to find the waterfalls that I really liked. This research went to cover the hiking that it would take to reach the waterfall, but also how nice the falls are, and finally, I really like the fact that some of these falls are out of the way places or a little bit on the quiet side compared to some of the others. So I took into account the types of crowds and size of the crowds that you would expect to see at these waterfalls that you are hiking to.

5. Rainbow Falls

This is a waterfall that is actually very kid friendly to go and see. Now this does not mean that you can pack up the stroller, but if your kids are able to walk then they will most likely enjoy taking a quick hike to this waterfall as it is one that has quite a bit of beautiful natural architecture to see, but also has some amazing views of the water coming down.

Rainbow Falls - Gatlinburg Waterfalls
Photo by Michael Hicks is licensed under CC

I will warn you the trail may seem a little long as it is going to come in at 5.2 miles round trip. However, it is a thike that is along the Mt. Le Conte trailhead as well, so it will have a nice area for you to find and enjoy. What you will really like about this is why they ended up getting the name Rainbow Falls. That is the fact these falls are going to have some amazing rainbows that are going to show you some of the beauty that nature can provide when the water and the sunlight hits just right. If it is a cloudy day, though, do not expect to get to see the rainbow.

4. Grotto Falls 

Grotto Falls
Photo by Snassek is licensed under CC

Grotto Falls is a place you are going to love because it is going to be located almost right outside of town off of the Historic Motor Nature Trail. This will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great time because you do not have to go far out of town to reach the area. However, at the same exact time, you will find it is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to access. The downside is this is an area that can get crowded really quickly during the popular seasons of the park.

When you are hiking to this trail, definitely if you are going in Spring, you will be treated to more wildflowers than what you ever imagined. What is nice when you are hiking here in the summer months is the fact this is the only waterfall that you will have a chance to walk completely behind. This will provide you with a very cool place to hang out, but because of the moisture from the falls, it makes it easier for you to cool down as well.

3. The Sinks 

waterfalls near Gatlinburg
Photo by snassek is licensed under CC

This area is one that you have probably seen when you are driving towards Cades Cove as it is off of Little River Road. However, it is important to note that for some reason this is one of the falls and pool areas that people have a tendency to jump from for some reason. This is against the rules and we DO NOT recommend this activity when you are looking at the location and want to go here.

The best part is this area is going to be very easy for you to go out and visit and enjoy. That is because it is typically a stop that is very easy for you to make when you are looking for your way to Cades Cove. At the same time the pool area is going to be very nice for you to enjoy because you will have a chance to enjoy the water that is from the mountains and know it is the cool and pure water that is coming from the falls you have seen above.

2. Laurel Falls

Laurel Falls
Photo by Thomas is licensed under CC

Laurel Falls is a great place to hike to and it is one of those that you are going to fall in love with because of the beauty of the location and the hike that is going to be simply amazing for you to get to the falls. The falls are noted for the beauty that is present in the falls for the mountain laurels that line the trail that are going to take you to the location.

What else is really nice about these falls is going to be the fact the falls are 80-foot tall. This may not be the tallest waterfall you will see in the world, but in the park it is going to top out as one of the best for you to see and will help you enjoy the location because of the height of the falls and the fact this is one of those places that because the hike can lead you to a secluded type of area it may not be as popular for the area.

1. Abrams Falls 

Abrams Creek Falls
Photo by Buddha
is licensed under CC

If you are able to withstand the moderately rated trail then you will be rewarded handsomely while you are in Cades Cove by seeing Abrams Falls. This is a place that is going to have some amazing waterfalls and it is one of the most popular waterfalls for you to see in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. What is really cool for you to know about is this fall is going to make it easier for you to have a good time hiking because you can finally have a location that is very scenic but also provides a great hike as well.

What is really nice about Abrams Falls is the fact that it will make it very easy for you to see that falls do not have to be super tall our out of this world amazing to be great. The hike to the location is definitely part of the best part of reaching this falls and that is why it has made it to the top of our list. Not to mention, I really love Cades Cove and think that everyone should go through the area very carefully and be mindful of the beauty of the area.


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