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Gatlinburg Hotel - Hilton Garden InnWhen going to Gatlinburg you will quickly see there are numerous locations to stay at. With that being the case, we have decided to cover as many of the different hotels, campgrounds, and chalets in Gatlinburg that we can find. In this segment, we are going to review the Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg downtown. When you start to read this review, you need to realize that we were unable to get pictures from the location, but we are trying to get pictures of the town, the mountains, and even some of the food that you can have in the region. All of this combined is going to make a difference in how well you are going to enjoy your trip. With that being the case please make sure you read our review of the Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg downtown and know that this is the location that is rated number 3 out of all the different hotels that are present in Gatlinburg.

Location Of The Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg

One of the first things you will notice is when you are coming into Gatlinburg you are going to be overwhelmed by the number of restaurants and hotels that you can select from. I know since their are so many, in such a small strip it can be nearly impossible to find your way to the hotel. Here are the directions on how to get to the Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg.

635 River Road

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

When you are coming to Gatlinburg you will quickly notice there are not a lot of roads that are branching off to the right side. This is actually going to help you because when you reach an intersection in the middle of town, you will notice that River Road, is going to go to the right and go in front of the aquarium along the river. You will want to take this road and then you will reach the Hilton on the left-hand side of the road.

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Exterior Features Of The Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg

When you arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn, you will quickly notice that the hotel has one of the most modern looks around. However, what you will also notice is this is a location that is going to have quite a bit of interesting aspect because you will quickly see the hotel has quite a bit of other items that you are not used to seeing at any of the hotels in Gatlinburg.

  • The outdoor sitting area that is going to allow you to look at the mountains, but what is even better is the fact this is an area that has an outdoor fire ring/pit type of area as well. This way you can sit outside and enjoy the mountains even more and hear the noises that are present in the mountains.
  • Salt water is said to be very good for the skin and when you are using the whirlpool bath here, outside, it will allow you to enjoy yourself even more because it is going to have the salt water whirlpool that is going to allow you to relax and enjoy the fire and sitting area as well.

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Amenities Offered On Site

Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg Downtown ReviewedWhen you decide where you are going to stay in, you will want to know what kind of amenities are included in the location. While this should not be the deciding point when you are making your trip plans to Gatlinburg, you need to realize it can be a factor to consider because you usually do not want to spend time in the hotel room with nothing to do if your kids are stuck inside with you because it is pouring rain in the mountains. With that being the case, here are some of the amenities that are offered at the Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg.

  • Saltwater whirlpool is going to be one of the main amenities that you are going to enjoy because it is a different aspect than what you find elsewhere. Not only that the saltwater makes it easier for you to relax and be able to enjoy yourself and know that water is going to help you out.
  • Indoor heated pools are commonplace in most of the hotels that you can visit and the Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg is no different. However, what does set the Hilton apart from the other hotels that are on the market is the fact this is a hotel that really loves the saltwater as this is a heated indoor saltwater pool for you and your family to enjoy.
  • Often when you go on vacation one thing that you are going to lose is your vacation routine. I know that is a common complaint about a lot of people, but what you need to realize is when you travel here it is easy to maintain your exercise routine because you have a great facility that will allow you to do some of the basic exercises.
  • Eating out can be very hard to do when you are trying to decide where you should eat at. However, what you are going to find is this location offers a great restaurant onsite for you to enjoy the food that you want to eat at any time.

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Features Of The Hilton Garden Inn Rooms

  • Some of the rooms are going to have balconies that will allow you to enjoy the beauty that is present outside of the hotel without having to go down to the courtyard with some of the crowds that you may not want to be around.
  • The decor in the rooms may not be one of the main things that you are going to look towards, but you need to realize if you plan on staying more than a single night you will most likely be in the room. With this hotel you will find the rooms, for the most part, are updated and have modern decor and in some of the rooms, they have a fireplace that will allow you to enjoy the town no matter what time of year you visit.
  • Depending on the availability of the rooms, you may find that you can start to locate the hotel has adjoining rooms. These seem to be a thing of the past, but you need to realize this is a great feature if you are traveling with your kids and Gatlinburg is easily one of the best places to travel with your kids outside of Disney.

What Others Are Saying About The Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg

Julie J has this to say about the location, “its amazing”.

Tammi D would go on to say this about the Hilton, “staff was extremely friendly”.

DDStovall says this, “this hotel has it all”.

These are three different quotes from reviews on TripAdvisor. You will quickly see they all agree that this is a great location and one they are able to enjoy and from the way the whole reviews read they would be coming back.

Check Out Our Ratings Of The Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg

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If the Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg does not suit your needs make sure you check out the rest of the hotels in Gatlinburg.

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