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Review Of Best Western Twin Islands Gatlinburg

Best Western Twin Islands

Considering a stay at the Best Western Twin Islands? If you are then you are going to find out review of the Best Western Twin Islands hotel a great choice of reading before you decide to book your room. When you stay in any hotel, their are several factors that you are going to need to figure out and that is definitely true when you look at some of the hotels that are present in Gatlinburg. Without any further information, we are going to start our review, which will make it easier for you to know if this is the exact location that you should be staying at or not.

Location Of The Best Western Twin Islands Gatlinburg

With Gatlinburg it is very important for you to find the location of the hotel because Gatlinburg is easily a walking town. The address for the Best Western Twin Islands is:

539 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

To reach this location, you will be coming into town from Pigeon Forge area. This is going to lead to you being on the main street in the town and once you reach the aquarium you need to realize you have went to far. In fact, this hotel is on the right hand side of the road before the intersection that you would turn on to go onto River Road or the road towards the Greystone Lodge. So this is a hotel that could easily sneak up on you when you are driving.

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Exterior Features Of The Best Western Twin Islands

  • As was mentioned, this is a hotel that does have an exterior swimming pool. This pool is going to be something that is seasonal, but it is going to be something that you will enjoy if you are in the mountains during the summer because the heat can be rather hot and the humidity can make it unbearable at times. So the pools is a great feature.
  • Balconies and a patio area that is going to provide you with a great view of the river is something else that is quite enjoyable. Please note that if you do have the balcony area, it can be scary if the rivers are flooding, but that rarely happens and if it does happen you will generally get advanced notice before it happens.
  • Traveling with kids is a big challenge because you often are stuck in the hotel room with them if the pools are not working, but also if it starts to have some problems with the weather. With that being the case, it is going to be easy for you to know that you can travel with your kids and stay here because they have a playground on the site that your kids are able to enjoy.
  • Something else that is enjoyable is the exterior hot tub, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty that is present outside and know your muscles are going to be ready for your next day out in the mountains.

Patio view from Best Western Twin IslandsRiver view of Best Western Twin IslandsParking Lot For Best Western Twin IslandsBBQ and Picnic Area at Best Western Twin islandsBest Western Twin Islands Gatlinburg Front Porch RockBest Western Twin Islands frontPlay area for children at Best Western Twin Islands

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Amenities Offered At Best Western Twin Islands 

  • Breakfast is often noted as the most important meal of the day and this location takes that into account as they have a complimentary breakfast that you can enjoy, but please remember this is a free breakfast and it may not be filling for what you want to eat.
  • High speed wireless Internet access is going to be something that is common in all hotels, but it is still a great amenity you should be looking for.
  • The picnic area and kids play area that are mentioned above are another great amenity for you to use because it will provide you with the chance to make some great food of your own, but also have a nice place that will keep your kids occupied.
  • Seasonal pool is a great way to relax after a long day out. However, the hot tub and the pool are seasonal so if you are planning a trip to Gatlinburg in the middle of winter, it is highly unlikely the pool and hot tub will be open because even when they are heated the pipes operating the pools can freeze and bust.

Pool for the Best Western Twin IslandsLobby of the Best Western Twin IslandsEnjoy breakfast at the Best Western Twin IslandsHot breakfast area for Best Western Twin IslandsFind a comfortable seat for breakfast at Best Western Twin Islands

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Room Features Of The Best Western Twin Islands

  • Balconies and patios are a great feature that you would never think about when you are looking at your rooms online, but this is a great feature when you are looking at a room in Gatlinburg. So you will find this is going to be a great feature to look for in your room.
  • Walking distance to the main features in town is something else that is going to be nice for you to take advantage of. While this may not be the main feature you are looking for in a room, it is a great feature to consider because gas cost money and when you are not driving around town you are saving money.
  • Traveling with children is a great way to travel, but sometimes you will find infants and smaller kids are not welcome. However, this is a location that takes that into account because they have children and infant beds available, depending on availability.

Bathroom in Best Western Twin IslandsFireplace for Best Western Twin Islands RoomsBest Western Twin Islands kitchen area This is an awesome bathtub. Best Western Twin Islands bedsBest Western Twin Islands Double Bed room

What Others Say

PJHowell says this, “very clean room and comfortable bed.”

N5322NZjudys has this to say, “spacious rooms in the suites.”

Teetotaltravels has this to say, “5 minute walk from the Village Shops.”

As you can see a lot of the recent reviews have been bragging about how clean the rooms are and how comfortable. However, another common theme that is being shown is the fact that this is centrally located and is very close to everything that people want to walk to in the town itself, without being in the middle of town.

Ratings For Best Western Twin Islands

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If the Best Western Twin Islands does not suit you, then you should consider one of the other options that we have on our hotels in Gatlinburg page.


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