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Discover The Glenstone Lodge In Gatlinburg Today

Glenstone LodgeTraveling to a place like Gatlinburg often means going to into the mountains at least once, shopping, and enjoying some great food. However, you may also want to have a nice place to go and lay down at night to rest. This can be a problem because you have so many different hotels to choose from in Gatlinburg. To avoid this headache, you often will reach out to different websites to get information on the hotels. We know this can be time consuming so we have covered almost all of the hotels in Gatlinburg and in this installment we will be talking about the Glenstone Lodge, which will allow you to know if this is the hotel you want to stay in or if you should consider a different hotel to stay at while traveling through Gatlinburg.

Pros Of The Glenstone Lodge

The Glenstone has several things going for it that you are actually going to like. Some of those are more for the family as a whole, but retirees and single people can enjoy them to is the pool options. The pool is available indoors and outdoors, but what else is nice is the fact that the families can rest easier in knowing the location has a child pool as well. So the parents will not have to be worried about their kids so much as they would in the bigger pools. You can also find the location has a picnic area for you to enjoy, which makes it easier for you to sit down outside and enjoy nature without getting into the mountains to far. Walking is something else you may want to do while you are in town because parking is expensive and when you stay at the Glenstone Lodge you are within walking distance to most of the attractions that are present.

Cons Of The Glenstone Lodge

As with most of the hotels in Gatlinburg, unless they are being upated people are going to report them as being dated. That is the common problem with the Glenstone as well as a lot of people have said the location does have a dated appearance and in some cases people have reported the location is overpriced because of the state of disrepair they have found in some of the rooms. However, with as many negative reviews their are just as many positive reviews as well, most of which are talking about how great the location is for the money.

Location Of The Glenstone Lodge

The address and directions to get to the Glenstone Lodge are as follows:

504 Historic Nature Trl

Gatlinburg, TN, 37738

This is actually a very easy location for you to reach as it is going to be off of Historic Motor Nature Trail. When you turn onto Historic Motor Nature Trail, which is off of the main Parkway and a left hand turn at a red light you will go up and pass Gatlinburg Town Square on the right hand side of the road. After you have passed this location the Glenstone Lodge is going to be on the right hand side of the road.

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If the Glenstone Lodge is not the right lodging for you, please check out our other Gatlinburg hotels.

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